New Orleans Saints: Will Running Backs Please Stand Up?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2009

The Saints' depth chart is as skinny as Nicole Richie; I'm serious.

Mike Bell, Lynell Hamilton, Pierre Thomas, and Reggie Bush are the three running backs that the New Orleans Saints have on their roster.

One of the Saints' needs in the draft is a running back, and some who are not drafted are some that could be signed, as free agents or as trades.

I have some candidates that could be good matches for the New Orleans Saints.

Shaun AlexanderHe wasn't re-signed by the Redskins, and he is a big back that was MVP only about few years ago. Alexander could reignite his career with the Saints and could be the answer to the Saints' needs and could be a match made in heaven if Alexander wants to be where he was at a few years ago.

Larry JohnsonHe has made it known that he wants out, and he wants to play for a contender. Well, cough cough, Saints, this could be the guy you're looking for, as he has all the abilities to be the main man for the New Orleans Saints' running game. He would have to be acquired by trade. Well, the Saints gave a second and fourth for Jeremy Shockey, and it would probably take a third and fourth to get him, so why not? He would be a great fit and is younger, so it could work out in the end for both sides. I mean, Louisiana has given the Kansas City Chiefs Bowe, Dorsey, and Jackson, so they should help give back.

Edgerrin JamesAs of Chris Wells' being drafted to Arizona, we know it's the end of the shortest era for James in Arizona, as he will move on. It's funny how it could come full circle, as the man that the Saints wanted goes to the team that the Saints could trade for, is going to be the man that is getting replaced. His attitude is a little strong but could be worked with in a good atmosphere with the positive energy that comes with Drew Brees.

Warrick DunnHe is a hometown boy, he runs right up the gut, and he is one of the best, even though he is aging. He would be a perfect fit, even though he is a small running back. I think this would bring in those few extra hundred fans to see a hometown hero.

Who do you think would be a perfect fit for the Saints' running game and who could help the Saints?