WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 5 Fun Facts About the Pay-Per-View

Adrian FylonenkoFeatured ColumnistApril 30, 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 5 Fun Facts About the Pay-Per-View

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    The Extreme Rules pay-per-view was introduced to the WWE Universe in 2009 and has a history of producing exciting and unforgettable matches. Prior to 2009, the PPV was named One Night Stand and had the Extreme Rules concept.

    On May 19, the WWE will celebrate the five-year anniversary of Extreme Rules. For the past four years, the WWE has given fans some amazing matches and interesting stats.

    These five facts have been taken from the 2009-12 Extreme Rules PPVs and do not include any facts from WWE’s One Night Stand PPVs.


1. All 4 Main-Event Matches Have Been Rated at Least 4 Stars

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    All four main-event matches in Extreme Rules history have received at least a 4-star rating from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    If John Cena is able to defend the WWE Championship and compete at this year's event, will he and Ryback continue the trend of (at least) 4-star main-event matches?

    Here is a list of each main event and the star ratings they received:

    Extreme Rules 2009, (c) Edge vs. Jeff Hardy: four-and-a-quarter

    Extreme Rules 2010, (c) John Cena vs. Batista: four-and-a-quarter

    Extreme Rules 2011, (c) The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison: four

    Extreme Rules 2012, John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar: four-and-a-half

2. All Three Champions at Extreme Rules 2009 Are No Longer with the WWE

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    Tommy Dreamer, Batista and Jeff Hardy used to be members of the WWE roster and found success at the 2009 Extreme Rules PPV. Ironically, all three are no longer employed with the WWE.

    At Extreme Rules 2009, Tommy Dreamer defeated (c) Christian and Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Hardcore Match for the ECW Championship.

    Batista defeated Randy Orton in a Steel Cage match for the WWE Title.

    Jeff Hardy defeated Edge to win his very first World Heavyweight Championship, but unfortunately for Hardy, his celebration was short lived thanks to CM Punk shocking the world and cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    As of today, Jeff Hardy is a major star at TNA Impact Wrestling. Tommy Dreamer appears at numerous indy events and is still competing in the squared circle. Batista is finding major success as an actor.

    So, excluding the Money in the Bank cash in for the World Heavyweight Title, all three champions at Extreme Rules 2009 are no longer with the WWE.

3. The Undertaker Has Never Competed at an Extreme Rules PPV

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    The Undertaker is one of the most well respected and dominant WWE Superstars in the history of professional wrestling. He is undefeated at WrestleMania and has competed against virtually everyone the WWE has to offer.

    Strangely, WWE fans have never witnessed the Deadman perform at an Extreme Rules PPV.

    Earlier in the year, it looked like Taker's streak of missing Extreme Rules would extend to five years, but with recent reports of John Cena's injury and CM Punk not returning in time, the WWE may need to rely on the Phenom to help sell tickets and PPV buys.

    John Cena and CM Punk are the two top characters in the WWE today and since both of them are out, rumors have been circling around The Undertaker and if he will compete at this year's Extreme Rules event.

    What do you think? Will The Undertaker compete at Extreme Rules 2013?

4. John Cena Has Never Been Defeated

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    I'm not going to make some quirky Super Cena joke, but the fact of the matter is that John Cena is undefeated at Extreme Rules. While Cena has put on exciting main-event matches the past few years, nothing will compare to the slobber-knocker he had with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012.

    After being annihilated by the Next Big Thing, Cena overcame the odds (I know, I know) and showed a lot of guts by taking a massive beating. Eventually, he defeated Lesnar by hitting him with a steel chain and followed it up with an Attitude Adjustment onto the steel ring steps.

    Cena is 4-0 when it comes to this gimmick-friendly PPV and everyone is wondering if he'll compete at this year's event. On Monday Night Raw, the WWE didn't try to hide Cena's injury and in fact, it cost him and Team Hell No the match.

    For the first time in a long time, Cena was cleanly pinned and beaten, courtesy of Shield member Roman Reigns.

    Since Extreme Rules 2009, John Cena has wins over the Big Show, Batista, John Morrision, The Miz and Brock Lesnar. It's an impressive resume, but can he add Ryback to that list?

    Will John Cena compete at Extreme Rules 2013? If so, will he continue his reign of dominance and remain undefeated?

5. There Have Been 21 Different Types of Matches at Extreme Rules

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    In its four-year history, there have been 33 matches at Extreme Rules. Interestingly, 21 of those matches have had a different gimmick or stipulation added to them, which makes every Extreme Rules PPV exciting, fun and, for the most part, unpredictable.

    Below is a list of every type of match that has taken place at an Extreme Rules PPV. Next to the type of match is how many times that match has taken place.


    Normal Singles Matches: 3

    Fatal Four-Way Matches: 1

    Triple Threat Matches: 1

    No Holds Barred Matches: 1

    Type of Leather Strap Matches: 3

    Hog Pen Matches: 1

    Steel Cage Matches: 3

    Submission Matches: 1

    Ladder Matches: 2

    Gauntlet Matches: 1

    Hair Matches: 1

    Extreme Rules Matches: 2

    Street Fight Matches: 2

    Extreme Makeover Matches: 1

    Last Man Standing Matches: 2

    Table Matches: 2

    Falls Count Anywhere Matches: 2

    Loser Leaves WWE Matches: 1

    Lumberjack Matches: 1

    2-Out-of-3 Falls Matches: 1

    Straight up Handicap Matches: 1


    What was the most interesting Extreme Rules fun fact? Do you think Extreme Rules 2013 will be a success or a disappointment? Sound off in the comments section below.

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