Fans at 2013 NFL Draft Fall in Love with Players Who Don't Exist

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

It's perfectly acceptable and rather commendable to say, "I have no idea what the hell you are talking about." Remember that. 

Deadspin spotted this video that the folks over at Football Nation apparently put together. It features a reporter hitting the streets full of fans eagerly awaiting the 2013 NFL draft at Radio City Music Hall, asking them what they think about some of the prospects. 

The only catch, as you will see, is that none of them exist. 

That hardly negates each fan from fawning over the bogus names as if they were the future of the league. Some even offer cliche mock draft-type breakdowns, such as the future general manager at the 1:03 mark: "I like him. I think he can actually add a lot to the pass rush. Definitely got a lot of pop."

As Deadspin reminds us, these types of videos have seen their rise in popularity thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. His most recent rendition was a romp around the grounds of Coachella, asking music hipsters what they thought of bands that didn't exist. Hint: They loved them. 

As for this video, prepare to cringe. I don't enjoy twisting and turning in my chair as fans who made the trek all the way to New York City just to hear a bunch of names being called out make asses out of themselves. 

Wait, they went all the way to New York just to hear a few days' worth of names being read off like a grand roll call? Well, never mind then. Laugh away. 

There is something so human about wanting to seem smarter than you are. I know I am guilty of that sin every day. Pretending to know something you don't is so easy that many of us attempt the ruse anytime the opportunity presents itself. 

Just stop. Take a page from the last football fan in the video who catches on right away like a champ. 

Nobody is going to make fun of you if you tell them, "I don't know who the hell Curvin Johnson is, and get that microphone out of my face. I am here to see Roger Goodell!"

There is no shame in not knowing all the players and every last fact about football. Now, actually showing up in a jersey and rooting on a general manager as if he were a gladiator, that's a different story. 

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