What If? The Rock vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania XX

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2009

My first What If? was The Rock vs. Triple H at WrestleMania XIX, where Triple H retained in the main event at WrestleMania in Sacfeo Field.

My second edition will be Rock vs. Austin in one of the biggest match's in wrestling history in the most historic building in wrestling history in Madison Square Garden.

The main event at WrestleMania wouldn't have changed with Benoit vs. Triple H vs. HBK or Guerrero vs. Angle but what would have changed would have been were Evolution vs. Rock 'N' Sock connection and Austin be the special guest referee in the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match.

I think the switch would have been well worth it and both men would could retire on the biggest stage, in the WWE on the biggest night, in the most important building.

Rock was known that he was ending his WWE career and Austin had ended his last year but if you read my What If? on Rock vs. Triple H at WM 19 you would understand were everyone would be going into WrestleMania XX.

Rock and Austin the biggest WWE rivalry in wresstling history. Those two name's could draw a sold out crowd with in minutes at the biggest PPV in WWE and maybe wrestling history.

Close your eyes and imagine Rock and Austin looking at each other and the crowd as you can hear half for Austin and the other half for Rock in Madison Square Garden.

The Rock getting his chance to finally beat Austin at WrestleMania were he couldn't do it at WrestleMania 15 and WrestleMania 17.

The Texas Rattlesnake vs The Brahma Bull.

The Toughest S.O.B. in the WWE vs. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment.

Stone Cold vs. The Great One.

The biggest main event that wasn't a title match since Rock vs. Hogan.

Now it is time for Austin vs. Rock III.

The Rock music hits as you can hear the fans give it to him as you can a lot of cheers though but it seems like there is a big amount of heat on him.

Austin music hits the crowd goes crazy as he walks down to the ring as you JR speaks.

JR: Oh Hell Yea!!! Business is about to pick up, Rock and Austin are going to blow the roof off this place as the match is set to get underway here in Madison Square Garden.

Austin walks right past Rock as he gives him the two middle fingers as he walks to the rope, he goes to the turnbuckle and raises his fist up in the air.

Howard Finkel announces both men into the match as he introduces them as you can hear the boos and cheers as they are being introduced.

The bell rings Austin and Rock have a stare down as you can barley hear anything with the Rocky and Austin chants.

Rock and Austin stare down as Rock looks at Austin and you can read his lips saying "Just Bring It," Austin lips say as you can read his also "Bring This" as he puts to middle fingers in the air.

Austin leans against the ropes to pump up as Rock starts walking around the ring fast as he gets ready to lock up with Austin.

Rock tries to lock up with Austin, Steve goes under and gives him a shot to the head as you hear the crowd saying Yea, Austin tries to lock up but Rock blocks it and gives him a shot as the crowd Boos.

You can hear the crowd saying "Let's go, Austin!" and the other half say "Let's go, Rocky!"

Rock starts with a lock up and gives a knee to the mid-section and starts to take a more hits to Austin mid-section as he is keying in on Austin mid-section.

Rock goes for a shot to the knee and Austin blocks and holds the Rock leg and Rock is shaking his head as he tries to reach and hit Austin as Austin laughs as he treats him like a kid trying to hit someone bigger and then gives him a close-line and Austin picks up the advantage in the match.

Austin takes him to the ropes and starts to hit him repeatedly as he hits him until he gets hit the the ground and then JR starts to say "Austin is stomping a mud whole in the People's Ass ans walking dry.

Austin keeps hitting away until the referee comes and pulls him away almost DQ'ing him.

Austin backs off and but goes right back on the offense and starts to hit away as Rock rolls out of the ring and starts to walk to the back.

Austin runs after him but Rock knew he was coming as he starts to hit away on Austin as he starts to point to his head showing that he is smarter than Austin.

Rock throws him into the steel steps and then into the pole as Rock has the advantage in the match.

Rock puts him in the ring and he starts to build up and attack Austin at all angles as he looks like he is going to set up for the Rock Bottom but Austin hits the Stunner.

1, 2, kick out by The Rock as Austin can't believe it he goes to the ref and says "Two it was three" and ref says "Two Austin."

Austin turns around...Rock Bottom as he gets to the pin...1, 2, kick out by Austin, Rock and Austin get up and start hitting away at each other, Rock hits Austin fans boo, Austin hits Rock fans cheer it goes back and forth until Austin starts to get the advantage and then throws Rock to the ropes and does the Lou Thesz Press as he hits away at Austin.

Austin bounces of the ropes with his signature elbow drop, Austin waits for him to get up as Rock is up...Austin tries the Stunner...Rock reverses...Rock Bottom...Reversed...Austin goes again for the Rock Bottom...Reversed...Rock hits a spine-buster and pops up and is ready for the People's Elbow...he taunt's like Austin right before he connects with the elbow, 1, 2, kick out with about a tenth before the match would have been over.

Rock is beside himself as doesn't know what to do as he goes to the ref...Austin gets up and runs into both of them knocking out the ref, Austin hits Rock but Rock hits his own Stunner...Rock covers Austin...1, 2, kick out.

Rock goes for another Stunner but Austin hits the Rock Bottom...1, 2, kick out.

Austin is beside himself now as he can't believe what he has to do to beat him, Austin gets up and throws off his elbow pad and hits his own People's Elbow, Austin goes for the pin but the ref took so long he picks up Rock and hits the Stunner on Rock.

Austin goes to the ref and picks him up...Austin calls for a beer and puts it on refs face as he starts to wake up...Rock pops up...


Rock hits the Rock Bottom, he goes for the People's Elbow connects, Rock goes for the pin 1, 2, 3.

Rock wins the match as the crowd starts to cheer for both Rock and Austin as they get to there feet, the crowd starts to cheer "Thank You Rocky" and "Thank You Austin" as the crowd knows its there last match.

Rock waits for Austin to get up, Austin is up and Rock goes to Austin and shake his hand and gives him a pat on the back as there is a camera so close you can hear The Rock say "Thank You so much Steve" as Austin says the same thing to The Rock.

Austin calls for about four beers gives Rock two and he has two and there both clash the beers and drink them, Austin calls for two more and gives on to The Rock and they clash beers together as they have a toast they drink about half of them and put them down in the middle of the ring.

Austin and Rock walk out together as the get to the ramp and turn around as Austin and Rock put both there hands up in the air as they walk to the back the fans cheer "THANK YOU" for about three minutes as the crowd will not stop cheering as the camera goes on a close up of the two beers.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of What If?

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The next "What If?": If Hogan never joined the NWO?


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