What If? Triple H vs. The Rock at WrestleMania XIX

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 13, 2009

WrestleMania 19 was taken place at Safeco Field and the Main Event was Brock Lesnar v Kurt Angle in a classic match but there was something that could have changed at WrestleMania 19 and it wasn't Hogan v McMahon it was two PPV that I would have changed Rock v Austin and Booker T v Triple H.

I know that Austin was retiring but it would have been been better for him to retire at WrestleMania XX but that's just me.

The match was truly one of the best but not the greatest. The Rock was leaving for Hollywood and Austin was ready to walk out the door but WHAT IF?

What if it was Rock v Triple H at WrestleMania 19 in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship.

No disrespect to Booker T but that Championship match was probably one of the quietest or one of the worst I have ever seen not based on performance but the match just seemed dead and no one has talked about it.

The one match that had avoided Triple H and The Rock was the Main Event at Wrestlemania one on one just to of the best in the business.

This match with the ability that these two had could have been up there with Savage/Steamboat, Andre/Hogan, and Hart/HBK.

This would have put WrestleMania 19 over the top with start power matches.

You wonder what about Austin well in my mind I would had put Austin as the referee for Hogan/McMahon match and let him lay low as the GM or some type of role either on Raw or SmackDown.

So Triple H and Rock would have put on a classic in Seattle but it would set up a bigger match on the biggest stage of them all Madison Square Garden at WrestleMania but I will talk about that in my next installment of What If?

How my match would have gone between Triple H and Rock at WrestleMania 19:

Before the match both superstars come out and get a mix reaction like Hogan and Rock did the year before.

Rock and Triple H stare down for a good minute and Rock tell Triple H to "Bring It" and HHH says "Game On".

They lock up and after neither gives an inch they lock up again and same results no one gives an inch.

The look at each other and Triple H slaps Rock and rock turns his head back slowly and then comes back with one of his own slaps and Triple H turns back like Rock as he gives a knee to the midsection as Triple H starts off with a few offense moves to get the match started.

Triple H gives him a few punches and then tries to go for the for a flying knee but Rock goes under the rope as he walks near the crowd as he see a kid with popcorn and a Triple H hat he gets the hat and mocks Triple H and then takes the the popcorn eats some then puts some in the hat and puts back on the kid as he sees Triple H coming after him he runs around the ring as rock gets back in Triple H goes right in after him.

Rock then jumps on him as he goes on the attack on Hunter as Rock gets his offense moves going as the match moves on the two go back and forth with moves as neither are breaking in till hunter goes for the knee-drop Rock jumps up and gives him a DDT.

Rock then goes to the top rope as he does his signature flying body press he did when he started in the WWE. Rock connects but only gets a two count. Rock then goes back on the offense as Triple H reverses one of the Rock's DDT's.

Triple H gets a knee to the face, then a knee-drop, and then connects with the Double AA Spinebuster as Triple H starts to build momentum but as soon as he turns around Rock goes for a small package but only gets a two count as the match is on going.

Triple H throws him into the the rope as he goes for the Pedigree as Rock turns around Rock reverses and nails the Rock Bottom as Rock lays there as he pops up on two feet as the crowd is back and forth with both superstars threw the whole match.

Rock takes off the his elbow pad to get ready for his People's elbow and he connects as he goes for the pin...

Woo Ric Flair music hits as he starts going crazy running to the ring as The Rock turns all his attention to Flair as Flair gets on the rope Rocks knocks him right off. Rock turns around and gets a pedigree and nails it on The Rock.

Flair gets a bottled water and gives it to hunter so he can shake himself him off to get back into it. Triple H picks up Rock but Rock gives him another Rock Bottom as the ref takes forever to go for the pin...one, two, kicks out and the match keeps going.

Rock can't believe it as Flair is going Woo outside the ring.

Rock sees Flair and grabs him by his hair and brings him inside of the ring and then gives him the Rock Bottom right next to Hunter and then takes off the other elbow pad as he hits the ropes and then again but does the Flair strut and then gives a big D-X chop to both and drops the elbow on both of them he throws Flair out of the ring.

Rock goes for the pin and but only gets two count as he is in complete shock as he doesn't know what to do so he goes to get the chair and comes in the ring but ref takes it out of his hand.

But Flair slides a the sledgehammer to Hunter as Hunter swing but Rock grabs it takes it then swings but misses then Hunter goes for the Pedigree Rock reverses Rock Bottom No reversed by Hunter Pedigree Triple H connects: one-two-three.

JR saying losing his voice "Game Set Match, Game Over."

Triple H has the World Championship in his hand and celebrates as Rock gets to his feet they stare down and Rock and Triple H shake hands as Rock and Hunter hug as they show respect to each other and Rock raises Hunter's hand in the air as Rock leaves to a big pop as Hunter gets one of his own as the music plays for The Game and Hunter gets on the rope and looks at Rock as Rock looks at him he bows to Rock as fireworks go off and match is over.

I hope you liked this edition of What If?

Tell me what you think and until next time

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