WWE's 7 Toughest Acts to Follow

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2013

WWE's 7 Toughest Acts to Follow

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    WWE is committed to entertaining the fans and their superstars are among some of the best that the industry has to offer.  

    Week after week, in one city after another, the men and women of Vince McMahon's company walk that aisle and put their bodies on the line in the middle of the ring for our entertainment.  There is a reason why WWE is on top of the business and it is in large part because of the talent that keeps it going.

    But while a good number of their talent do indeed give everything they have for the sake of giving fans their money's worth, there are some who stand out from the crowd.

    These superstars are the ones who consistently give fans something to talk about, a reason to cheer and even more reason to come back or tune in next time. They are the best of the best, the cream of the crop for WWE.

    These are the superstars that are dedicated to putting on the best match possible. They constantly deliver and leave fans wanting more.

    And because of that, they are extremely hard to follow.

7. The Rock

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    He is a legend, one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time.  He has headlined WrestleMania, held nearly every title in the company and become a household name.

    He is The People's Champ.  And he is one of the best WWE has ever known.

    The Rock may no longer be in the prime of his career but the fact is that in every way that counts, he is still on his game.  His mic skills still impress, as he continues to hold the live audience in the palm of his hand and make them hang on his every word.

    And his in-ring work is still on par with the best in the industry.  

    Though his in-ring career is not on a full-time basis anymore because of his acting career and likely will not be again, the fact is that Rocky can still get it done on a very high level.  And his extremely entertaining promos, paired with his matches, is a tough combination for any other WWE Superstar to beat.

    The most electrifying man in entertainment proves that he still is that and much more to his fans, who believe that no one can do it quite like The Rock can.

    He is "The Great One," after all.

6. Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho is the epitome of what hard work and dedication can do for your career.  

    Jericho is just one of those guys who has always been very capable of delivering in the ring each and every time, and that continues to this day.  He is one of the most technically gifted performers that WWE has ever seen, and his matches still bring fans to their feet.

    Jericho has always had the reputation of being able to work with anyone in the locker room and has now reached a point in his career in which he can work with the younger talent to help bring them along.  To get in the ring with Jericho is to face a man who can do a lot of good for your career.

    It is that willingness to work with the next generation of superstars that makes Jericho's matches not only worth watching, but often steal the show.  

    He allows his opponent to shine, as he gives them a lot of room to work and show their talents in the ring. Chris understands that by making the other worker look good, he looks good as well.

    And that is why his matches are consistently considered among the best the company has to offer.

5. Daniel Bryan

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    The list of the most entertaining superstars in WWE is a very short one.  The list of best workers in the ring is just as short.

    And for many fans, Daniel Bryan is at the top of both lists.

    Bryan has come a long way since his early days in WWE.  He has gone from being a stale character who could not get over—except with a very small portion of the audience—to being one of the most entertaining superstars in the company.

    His move-set is dynamic, a mixture of sudden submission moves and old-school wrestling. He can move very quickly at unexpected moments and always seems to be in full control of the match's pacing.  Bryan is consistently having what many fans consider to be the best match on the card, and he never seems to have a bad night.

    Daniel Bryan is at the very beginning of what should be a long, successful WWE career.  He is talented, entertaining and his matches are must-see TV.

    Try to follow that.

4. Dolph Ziggler

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    When you're called The Showoff, you better hope you can prove it.

    And that is just what Dolph Ziggler does, every time he's in the ring.  Night in and night out, he consistently has the best match on the card.  Slowly but surely, Dolph has built a reputation on leaving it all in the ring, stepping up his game a little more each time.

    He has become the true workhorse of WWE, a guy who keeps his head down and does not complain, just gets in the ring and brings the house down.

    He has been called by some as his generation's Mr. Perfect and I have to say that for me the comparisons have never been more true that right now.  Dolph is in the zone more often than not and is earning respect not only from his peers, but from the fans who appreciate his work ethic and dedication to his craft.

    For me, Dolph Ziggler is the James Brown of WWE.  He is the hardest working man in the company.  A tough act to follow, indeed.

3. The Shield

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    When I think of The Shield, the word intensity immediately springs to mind.

    They have it.  By the truckload.

    Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins wear their characters very well when they're on camera. They don't need to remind fans of who they are and how committed they are to their agenda, it shows in their actions.

    Tough, relentless, fierce, with a ferocious attack that is simply overwhelming for any WWE Superstar who falls victim to it.  When these three men storm the ring, maul their victim and put them through the announce table, it is not just a spot—it's an experience.

    They put all of themselves into what they do, whether it's another attack or an actual match. When The Shield are standing tall in the ring, they bring such a monster intensity that despite what matches may be left on the card, it just feels as if the program should end right then.

    Their brand of justice is hard to top and very hard to follow.

2. CM Punk

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    "Best in the World" is not just a nice nickname to put on a T-shirt.  For many fans, it is the truth.

    CM Punk is regarded as one of the best talents in WWE.  His ability in the ring is not often matched, and his talent on the mic is second to none.  He is perhaps the best all-around performer that Vince McMahon's company has seen in years.

    Not bad for a guy who started as just a scrawny kid on the independent circuit.

    CM Punk just gets it.  He has a very natural understanding of the business, about how a storyline should flow and how his character should be handled.  It is this knowledge that has helped propel him to the heights he has enjoyed since the infamous promo of 2011, and it is his ability to keep pushing the envelope that has kept him there.

    However, it is Punk's work in the ring that has truly earned him a place of respect among fans.  He fully grasps the psychology of a professional wrestling match, and he has such great timing when he's in the ring.  CM Punk is a worker who can put on a 5-star match with anyone in the locker room and love him or hate him, he has the ability to consistently leave fans on their feet, applauding his efforts.

    CM Punk is a talented entertainer.  He is also a great pro wrestler.  A very difficult combination to follow.

1. The Undertaker

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    The Undertaker has been known by many names.  The Deadman.  The Last Outlaw.  Big Evil.  The Phenom.  But for me, Undertaker is The Killer.

    Taker is the Jerry Lee Lewis of WWE.  In the history of music, among all the talented performers who have come and gone, The Killer was the one guy that other musicians did not want to follow.  Lewis was hands down the most dynamic, most captivating man in the building and absolutely tore the house down every time he was on stage.

    Sound familiar?

    Undertaker is not only one of the most talented performers that has ever stepped into a WWE ring, he is also one of the most dedicated.  Taker cares about his matches, and he wants them to look as good as possible—not only for himself, but his opponent.

    He only wants to work with the best and whether it's an established star like CM Punk or a rising star like Dean Ambrose, Undertaker knows talent when he sees it.  And he wants to help elevate that talent in a match that fans will likely never forget.

    His character, his psychology, his ability in the ring and the overall atmosphere that he creates gives fans a moment to remember, raising the bar every time.

    Follow that one, killer.