29th Annual Capital Women's Ruggerfest Tournament - April 25-26, 2009

Wendy YoungCorrespondent IApril 23, 2009
29th Annual Capital Women's Ruggerfest Tournament
April 25-26, 2009

Tournament Directors
Jo Bader & Lisa Glassman

Brackets and Game Schedules

Competitive Bracket
NOVA Comp.
Furies Comp.
Combined Services

Social A
Furies Gold

Social B
Black Ice

Social C
Village Lions
Furies Blue

Social D
Back in Black
West Michigan

Saturday Games

8:30am Combined Services vs Furies
8:30am Norfolk vs Monouth
8:30am MARFU U23s vs Chesapeake
8:30am Black Ice vs Catholic
9:30am Furies Gold vs Stingers
9:30am Temple vs West Michigan
9:30am AU vs Village Lions
9:30am Back in Black vs NOVA
10:30am Beantown vs NOVA Comp.
10:30am Furies Blue vs Pittsburgh
10:30am Catholic vs Norfolk
10:30am Monouth vs Black Ice
11:30am NOVA vs Temple
11:30am Chesapeake vs Furies Gold
11:30am West Michigan vs Back in Black
11:30am MARFU U23s vs Stingers
12:30pm Furies Comp. vs Beantown
12:30pm Furies Blue vs Village Lions
12:30pm AU vs Pittsburgh
12:30pm NOVA Comp. vs Combined Services
1:30pm Norfolk vs Black Ice
1:30pm Furies Gold vs MARFU U23s
1:30pm Monmouth vs Catholic
1:30pm Stingers vs Chesapeake
2:30pm AU vs Furies Blue
2:30pm NOVA vs West Michigan
2:30pm Back in Black vs Temple
2:30pm Pittsburgh vs Village Lions

Sunday Games

10:30am Furies vs NOVA Comp.
10:30am Beantown vs Combined Services
12:30pm Competitive Consolation
12:30pm Social Plate
1:30pm Social Final
2:30pm Competitive Final

Tournament Venue
6336 Rosecroft Drive
Ft Washington, MD 20744

Tournament Party
8pm to 12pm
DA's Regional Food and Drink

Jo the tournament director will be sending me scores...but if you know any scores or results send them my way via email or leave it in the comments!
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