WWE Bracketology Part IV: Greatest Entrance Theme of All Time

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIApril 18, 2013

WWE Bracketology Part IV: Greatest Entrance Theme of All Time

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    This is the third installment of the WWE Bracketology series.

    In the first installment, Undertaker was voted as the greatest singles wrestler of all time. In the second installment, Edge and Christian were voted as the greatest tag team of all time. Here in the third installment, we will decide what entrance theme song is the greatest of all time.

    The majority of the themes in this bracket are going to be that of WWE Superstars, Divas, Tag Teams or Stables. However, there will be a few others thrown in as well.

    In the fourth part of this installment, you will have the opportunity to vote on the final play-in matchups. You will also see the results of all rounds previously voted on.

    Let's get to the voting!

Criteria and Voting

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    The method to come up with these 80 themes was no easy feat. In fact, there were a few times where I wanted to blow the whole thing up and double the size of the bracket just to fit all of the themes in.

    However, I fought that urge and have come up with 80 themes that represent a little bit of everything.

    To fill out this bracket, I spent many hours fishing through hundreds of wrestlers' entrance themes. The bracket mostly consists of superstars, divas, tag teams and stables that were in WWE at one point or another.

    However, there are a handful of themes that belong to those who have never stepped foot on WWE soil.

    Since taste in music is very subjective, I have decided not to award seeds to the songs. Instead, once each region is down to 16 themes, they will be randomly paired against one another.

    I know that I will never satisfy everyone. If you feel a theme was snubbed, please be sure to take advantage of the comment section below to let me know. 


    Eighty themes in all will be part of this bracket. Each region will have four play-in matchups.

    When you vote, please keep the following ideas in mind.

    • The "pop" or reaction that it produces from the crowd
    • Is it catchy? Are fans able to familiarize themselves with it quickly?
    • The sing- or hum-along factor
    • The opening three seconds. Those first few bars should be enough to let you know who is coming.
    • Gimmick—does it fit their gimmick? Is it believable?
    • Longevitydoes the theme stand the test of time?

    Voting will take place over the span of the next couple weeks.

    The play-in round will be voted on first, followed by the opening rounds in each region.

    I will allow 24-48 hours between each round of voting.

    In order to vote, you will need to comment on the article with your selections for each round or tweet it to me.

Recap: North Region Results

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    Play-in Round

    • "Written in my Face" (Sheamus) [65 percent] defeated "Realeza" (Alberto Del Rio) [35 percent]
    • "Somebody's Gonna Get It" (Mark Henry) [56 percent] defeated "I Came to Play" (The Miz) [44 percent]
    • "ChaChaLaLa" (Fandango) [51 percent] defeated "Here to Show the World" (Dolph Ziggler) [49 percent]
    • "Just Close Your Eyes" (Christian) [62 percent] defeated "Flight of the Valkyries" (Daniel Bryan) [38 percent]

Recap: South Region Results

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    Play-in Round

    • "Wildcat" (Sable) [93 percent] defeated "I Know You Want Me" (Sunny) [7 percent]
    • "Blood" (The Brood) [56 percent] defeated "We Are One" (Nexus) [44 percent]
    • "Turn It Up" (Too Cool) [52 percent] defeated "Nation" (Nation of Domination) [48 percent]
    • "Take a Fall" (Beer Money) [72 percent] defeated "Motor City" (MCMG) [28 percent]

Recap: West Region Results

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    Play-in Round

    • "Gold-Lust" (Goldust) [50.4 percent] defeated "Ass Man" (Billy Gunn) [49.5 percent]
    • "Dangerous" (Ken Shamrock) [51 percent] defeated "Hello Ladies" (Val Venis) [49 percent]
    • "Rowdy" (Roddy Piper) [81 percent] defeated "Hard Corps" (Sgt. Slaughter) [19 percent]
    • "Common Man" (Dusty Rhodes) [76 percent] defeated "Cool Cocky Bad" (HTM) [24 percent]

East Region: Play-in Round

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    "Monster" (Rhyno) vs."Enter Sandman" (Sandman)

    This is a strong instrumental theme.

    Rhyno had numerous themes in his career and numerous versions of this theme.

    The opening sound with the running rhino is what makes the theme.

    This theme is performed by the band Metallica.

    Sandman also used a cover version of the song at times which was covered by Motorhead.

    What makes this theme so great is that the song is awesome.

East Region: Play-in Round

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    "I Am, I Am" (AJ Syles) vs. "Nation of Violence" (Samoa Joe)

    This theme opens with a long instrumental before the lyrics begin.

    Although it's not catchy, it is a good song.

    The theme fits Style's personality well.

    The opening of this theme is great.

    It's powerful and kind of creepy sounding all at once.

    The song embodies Joe and is a gimmick.

East Region: Play-in Round

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    "Eye of the Hurricane" (The Hurricane) vs. "Psycho Dance" (Psycho Sid)

    When a superhero enters the building, you should know that he has arrived.

    The opening of this theme announces the arrival of The Hurricane perfectly.

    Overall, the theme fits his superhero persona extremely well.

    When you think of a Psycho, you might think of this music.

    This was the second theme used by Sid in WWE.

    The instrumental theme encompasses his gimmick.

East Region: Play-in Round

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    "I'm Back" (Eric Bischoff) vs. "Holla If Ya Hear Me" (Scott Steiner)

    This theme is a crowd-grabbing opening.

    In my opinion, one of the things that makes this theme so great is the fact that Bischoff was so hated.

    Just hearing this theme meant that fans were going to have to hear him talk.

    The sirens, the "Holla if ya hear me"...it's all awesome.

    This theme was a take on his WCW theme.

    I think that WWE was able to produce one of the best themes in his career for him.

Looking Ahead

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    Part V of this installment will feature the start of voting in the round of 64.

    Here is a look at the 16 themes that will be in the North Region.

    Please keep in mind that since seeds are not being awarded, these songs will be matched up against one another at random.

    • "My Time Is Now" (John Cena)
    • "Sexy Boy" (Shawn Michaels)
    • "Slow Chemical" (Kane)
    • "Written In My Face" (Sheamus)
    • "Some Bodies Gonna Get It" (Mark Henry)
    • "ChaChaLaLa" (Fandango)
    • "Just Close Your Eyes" (Christian)
    • "Rest In Peace" (Undertaker)
    • "The Game" (Triple H)
    • "Meat On The Table" (Ryback)
    • "Booyaka 619" (Rey Mysterio)
    • "Voices" (Randy Orton)
    • "No Chance In Hell" (Vince McMahon)
    • "Longhorn" (JBL)
    • "Cult Of Personality" (CM Punk)
    • "Electrifying" OR "Is Cooking" (The Rock)

    In regards to The Rock, I could not decide between his current theme or his heel theme from 2003. In this one scenario, I will allow readers to decide which specific theme enters the bracket. While voting in the matchup, please feel free to also vote for which Rock theme you would prefer to see. 


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    Which theme of The Rock's are you going to vote on?

    Do you think all of the themes in the North Region belong?

    Remember, if you want to vote, you can do so by commenting on this article or tweeting me.