Yankees: Minor Leaguers Who Will See Time in the Majors This Season

Anthony Maimone@@amaimone4Featured ColumnistApril 17, 2013

Yankees: Minor Leaguers Who Will See Time in the Majors This Season

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    The Yankees aren't known for bringing up prospects from their farm system mid-season to help aid the team.

    They are more apt to trade for a veteran or stick with what they have. That said the most likely scenario for any of the following prospects is to hope to get their licks in September.

    It could be a spot start in May, a relief appearance in the July, or an at-bat in late September but the list that follows is the most likely of the Yankees prospects to find their way to the Bronx this season.

5. Brett Marshall

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    Brett Marshall has struggled through his first two starts this season at Triple-A Scranton.

    Marshall has an 11.25 ERA and has more walks than strikeouts thus far.

    Despite those numbers he has a solid chance of pitching in the pros this season thanks to an overall lack of depth in the Yankee farm system.

    If a few starters were to go down due to either injury or ineffectiveness, being on the 40-man roster gives Marshall a legit chance of being the next guy called up for the occasional spot start.

4. Mark Montgomery

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    Mark Montgomery is the only guy on this list that isn't currently on the Yankees 40-man roster.

    Montgomery has been making a name for himself since the spring. His dominating performance has carried over to Scranton.

    So far Montgomery has struck out nine batters in five innings. More impressively he has yet to walk a batter.

    If he were to continue to dominate like this all season the Yankees will have to see what he can do in the pros.

    They very well may be looking at their closer of the future come September in Montgomery and giving him some time on the same roster as Rivera wouldn't be the worst thing for his development.

3. Melky Mesa

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    There is something about Melky Mesa that has me hooked and I can't put my finger on it.

    He's athletic and has some pop in his bat which is always nice in a prospect.

    But he doesn't have a ton of patience or discipline at the dish.

    His failure to impress enough forced the Yanks to pick up Vernon Wells, a move that has worked thus far.

    If given a chance come September, Mesa could provide the fan base with a little excitement from a young player.

    A spark on an aging team might need as they push towards the playoffs.

2. Zoilo Almonte

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    Where Mesa has failed to impress, Zoilo Almonte is beginning to.

    In nine games at Scranton, Almonte is batting .355.

    Even better than that is his OBP which currently sits at .512. A number added by his 10 walks in 31 at-bats.

    If the fragile Brett Gardner or the aging Ichiro Suzuki were to miss any time, Almonte could look to get the call.

    At the bare minimum he will get a chance come this September. A guy who can get on base the way he has been able to so far this season is a valuable commodity at the pro level.

    If he is able to replicate those numbers he will have some staying power with the Yankees.

1. Austin Romine

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    Austin Romine isn't the top catching prospect in the Yankees system.

    That award goes to top prospect Gary Sanchez who also happens to be crushing it down in Tampa.

    However, Romine is having a very nice start to the season in Scranton and is a lot closer to joining the Yankees than Sanchez is.

    Currently the Yankees are getting a lot more production out of Francisco Cervelli than they could have imagined.

    Injuries have slowed Romine's progress through the Yankees system, but he is healthy now and his .417 batting average through eight games shows a lot of potential.

    The extended roster in September and the need to give the starters some additional rest means and opportunity for Romine to get his chance.

    It would be good for the Yankees to showcase Romine as well, in case Sanchez progresses even faster than expected, if Romine could impress, his trade value could be important for the Yankees as well.