20 of the Most Infamous Moments in MMA History, Part II

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20 of the Most Infamous Moments in MMA History, Part II

As we continue our look at infamous moments in MMA history, we see that, save for a few instances, they have a kind of equality about them that speaks to the notion of a moment being the master of men, instead of men mastering the moment.

It cannot be easy being a professional fighter, in or outside of the ring, but it is the path they have chosen and thus it is the end they serve—in addition to themselves, of course.

Sometimes a circumstance may arise in which it seems there is no clear path to take, no high road to be known, and at those times, it is simply a matter of enduring and moving forward with proper acknowledgement of the mistakes of the past.

MMA is still a sport on the verge (of true greatness, I believe), and given the actual contest at hand—physical combat between two individuals who do not want to lose—perhaps it is only natural and expected that things may go wrong from time to time.

It is still, as of now, the safest combative sport in the history of professional combative sports, which says a great deal about the merits of the system by which it operates and how they are far greater than the flaws intrinsic to the design.

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