WrestleMania XXIX Results: Whose Stock Is Rising or Falling After Event?

Bill Pivetz@@BPiv_SportsCorrespondent IIIApril 8, 2013

WrestleMania XXIX Results: Whose Stock Is Rising or Falling After Event?

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    This year’s WrestleMania wasn’t full of many exciting twists, swerves or moments. Some of the matches, like Chris Jericho vs. Fandango and Undertaker vs. CM Punk, were really good. Others were just there, like John Cena vs. The Rock and Ryback vs. Mark Henry.

    Just like in every other sport, there has to be a winner and a loser. Some left MetLife Stadium with huge wins, while others left with devastating losses.

    The Road to WrestleMania is officially over, and a “new year” begins in the WWE.

    We are less than a day removed from the “Showcase of Immortals,” but there were some Superstars who were heavily affected by the outcomes of their matches. Let’s see whose stock rose and whose took a significant drop.

Honorable Mentions

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    Before I get into the main list, there are two Superstars worth a little mention after what happened on Sunday.

    Big Show

    Just a couple of months ago, Big Show was a monster heel battling Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    He then began a slow transformation into a face to help Sheamus and Randy Orton against The Shield, but it didn’t last long. After Orton tagged himself in, Big Show became angry. After they lost, Big Show punched both Sheamus and Orton, thus becoming a heel again.

    This is a good thing, because a monster like Big Show fits perfectly as a heel. Let’s hope for no more cheesy smiles anytime soon.

    Randy Orton

    On the other side, Randy Orton remained a face after the six-man tag match. Many were expecting a heel turn during or after the match.

    Orton has become stale during his current run as a face. Orton could have benefited greatly from a heel turn, but it didn't happen. When he’s a heel, Orton can be one of the most vile and dangerous Superstars on the roster. As a babyface, he's just another one of the boys.

    Right now, the World Heavyweight title picture is very crowded. Unless some Superstars decide to go after John Cena and the WWE Championship, it will be a long time before Orton holds championship gold again.

Stock Down: Ryback

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    With a loss on Sunday, Ryback has now lost six straight pay-per-view matches. He’s still a hot act, but whatever main event push he had going for him has been lost.

    From challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship to losing to an aging Mark Henry, it’s been a long ride for Ryback. Although he might have been a replacement for John Cena, many fans were pulling for him to win.

    Despite losing, Ryback was able to get the last laugh against Henry as he hit him with Shellshock, which was impressive. I expect this feud to continue until Extreme Rules, but I’m not excited about it.

    Stock FMM: Feed your piggy bank more.

Stock Up: The Shield

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    Another six-man tag, another Shield victory.

    This match was, in my opinion, better than the Elimination Chamber match. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns looked like stars entering from the crowd.

    They isolated Sheamus and Orton to perfection. They were even able to wear down Big Show.

    Rollins tried jumping off the rope and hitting Orton, but he was caught and hit by an RKO.

    In the end, their strength-in-numbers style worked, as Reigns hit Orton with a spear and Ambrose got the three count.

    It will be interesting to see where The Shield goes from here. Big Show and Orton look to be on the verge of feuding, while Sheamus is up in the air. Maybe two of the members can challenge Team Hell No for the tag titles.

    Stock SHLD: Believe in The Shield.

Stock Down: Dolph Ziggler

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    When the tag team match went on as early as it did, I, along with many others, was expecting Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and he walked out of MetLife Stadium without any championship gold.

    Ziggler is one hell of an athlete and deserves his spot at the top. A cash-in at WrestleMania would have made Ziggler an instant star, if he isn’t already.

    During the World title match, fans were chanting “We want Ziggler.” Fans were looking toward the ramp after Alberto Del Rio won, but WWE quickly cut to a promo.

    Ziggler’s time will come eventually, but how many losses does he have to tally before he’s a champion?

    Stock ZGGY: There’s no showing off now.

Stock Up: Fandango

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    With Chris Jericho across the ring from you, how can anything go wrong?

    Even though it wasn’t a five-star match, Jericho was able to help Fandango get through his first match.

    Fandango got a nice jump for his leg drop, and the impact looked devastating. However, the finish looked a little sloppy. Jericho overshot the Lionsault and missed Fandango’s knees. Fandango ultimately won with a roll-up.

    Jericho is a selfless Superstar who was willing to put Fandango over, and because of this, Fandango will be a successful Superstar in the WWE.

    Stock FDGO: Invest, and let your money breathe.

Stock Down: The Hardcore Fans

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    John Cena won and didn't turn heel. CM Punk didn't end the streak. Randy Orton didn't turn heel. Dolph Ziggler is still championship-less. The Internet Wrestling Community must be fuming right now.

    This wasn't the most exciting WrestleMania by any means, but there were some decent matches.

    The fact that Cena is once again WWE champion will anger a lot of fans, but they shouldn't be surprised. The writing was on the wall for months, maybe even for a year.

    Now that Punk didn't defeat The Undertaker, let the rumors begin that Cena will be the one to face him next year and possibly end the streak.

    It was a pretty predictable WrestleMania, but that’s what the WWE is about right now. Yes, I was upset with certain outcomes, but I've accepted the fact that the 18-34 demographic is no longer WWE’s main target.

    Stock IWC: If we lose money, we riot.

Stock Up: John Cena

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    His time is now. John Cena defeated The Rock on Sunday, and his 11th WWE title reign has begun. No one was surprised by this outcome. When Cena won the rumble match, it was a given that he would walk about as WWE champion.

    It was one year, six months and 55 days ago that John Cena lost the WWE title to Alberto Del Rio. I’m surprised WWE waited as long as it did to put the title back on him.

    Now that he’s champion, though, nothing’s changed. He will still be the same happy-go-lucky Cena who will tell his story about redemption and never giving up. His tumultuous 2012 is over, and now his Cena is back on top.

    Stock HLR: WWE champion again; there’s no change.