Philadephia Eagles 2009 Season Preview

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Philadephia Eagles 2009 Season Preview
(Photo by Nick

With the new schedule out, everyone is talking about the same things.

T.O.'s new home.

Brady's return.

Cutler in a Bears uniform.

Honestly, who cares except Bills, Pats, and Bears fans, and what does that make up? Six, maybe 7 percent of the NFL fan populace? I kid...

Still, I thought it would be fun to take the Eagles' schedule and run with it. After all, every team plans on winning every game at the start of the season, right? Does any team look at the schedule and go: "Man we're losing this game, that game..."

Let me make this clear to anyone reading this: I'm not superstitious in the least bit.

When I see black cats coming, I stop to pet them. I step on cracks all the time and my mother is in excellent health. I don't knock on wood unless someone I`m visiting doesn't have a doorbell.

So I have no hesitation or apprehension about talking about how my (and your) Philadelphia Eagles could pull a clean sweep of the regular season.

I would do the postseason too, but after last year, I have no idea who's gonna end up where.

So enjoy!

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