TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: A 10-Man Tag War, Petey Williams Returns and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IApril 4, 2013

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As the Road to Slammiversary continues, TNA Wrestling presents a new episode of Impact Wrestling!

Since going on the road, TNA has been on quite the roll. With the company’s 11th anniversary coming up in June, things are certainly going to heat up in a big way. TNA Wrestling looks to continue the roll it's on with this week’s episode.

For this show, the company has confirmed four matches, including a big 10-man tag team match, as well as two other segments. So let’s see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week.



Gut Check: Adam Pearce vs. Magno


Gut Check returns to Impact Wrestling with two more independent wrestlers fighting it out for a contract with TNA Wrestling. This month will see Adam Pearce and Magno going up against each other for a spot on the TNA roster.

Pearce is a 17-year veteran of the business who has wrestled for Ring of Honor, Juggalo Championship Wrestling and throughout the territories of the National Wrestling Alliance. His biggest success came within the NWA, where he is a five-time NWA World Heavyweight champion.

Mexican wrestler Magno has been wrestling for 14 years throughout the independent circuits of the United States and Mexico. Unlike Pearce, though, Magno has experience in TNA Wrestling. He competed in the 2006 World X-Cup as a member of Team Mexico, and while his team didn’t win, he has been inside a TNA ring before.

Who will walk away the victor in this match? Who will impress the judges for evaluation?



Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim and Tara


As a new challenger for Tara’s TNA Knockouts Championship was being determined, Gail Kim started to develop a problem with Knockouts referee Taryn Terrell. She felt that Taryn was cheating her out of victories, and thus cheating her out of title shots.

The woman that would end up pinning Gail was Velvet Sky, so Gail felt that Taryn was working with her. Velvet’s victories led to her reclaiming the Knockouts Championship, and to the escalation of the Gail/Taryn situation.

Gail would begin to verbally and physically abuse the referee, which soon led to Taryn’s firing as the referee of the Knockouts division. It wasn’t all bad news for her, though, as she was rehired as a wrestler.

Last week was going to be Taryn’s first official match in a TNA ring when she called out Gail, but it soon turned into an assault from both Gail and Tara. The Knockouts champion would come to Taryn’s rescue and this match was made as a result.

With the help of Velvet Sky, can Taryn Terrell win her first match in TNA? Will Gail Kim and Tara take that victory away from her?



TNA Tag Team Championship Contract Signing


At the beginning of the year, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode joined forces in a quest to take all of the gold in TNA Wrestling. They were tired of seeing guys like Chavo Guerrero come in and take their opportunities, and that led to the first step in their goal.

Guerrero responded with his partner Hernandez, then-tag team champions, and they took exception to what they were saying. Aries and Roode soon gained a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship, which they won in England. Part one of their quest was complete, but Guerrero and Hernandez weren’t going to go down without a fight.

While Aries and Roode managed to retain the titles in the rematch, and in a Triple Threat match featuring Christopher Daniels and Kazarian of Bad Influence, the champions weren’t done with Guerrero and Hernandez just yet.

Two weeks ago, they defeated Bad Influence to become the No. 1 contenders for the titles, and this week, the champions and their challengers will sign the contract to make the match official.

What will happen during the contract signing? Will the two teams come to blows, or will fans see a rare peaceful signing?



No. 1 Contender’s Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams


A few weeks ago, TNA introduced some new rules in the X-Division. They included a 230-pound weight limit and a new format that will see the X-Division decided in Triple Threat matches.

The first was two weeks ago when Kenny King defended his X-Division Championship against Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion. Per the new rules, Zema Ion will be in the next title match since he wasn’t pinned. Sonjay, on the other hand, will be given another chance at getting into a title match. He has some big competition, though.

Mason Andrews, who was last seen in TNA in July 2012 at Destination X, will be making his return to not only make an impact in the division, but earn a title shot as well.

The third competitor is a fan favorite, and a wrestler many fans have wanted to see back in TNA for quite some time. After a four-year absence, “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams will be making his return to try and reclaim a title he has not held since 2008.

Who will come out on top of this No. 1 contender’s match? Will Sonjay Dutt get one more shot? Can Mason Andrews make an impact? Will Petey Williams’ return put him back on top?



A Marriage Destroyed: Bully Ray Wants to Speak With his Wife, Brooke Hogan


Before the Genesis pay-per-view in January, Bully Ray married Brooke Hogan live on Impact Wrestling. The wedding was ruined when Bully’s best man, Taz, turned out to be a member of the Aces & Eights, but the two were still married.

As Bully fought alongside Hulk Hogan and Sting against the Aces & Eights, Brooke would stay on the sidelines. Being a Hogan, she was in constant danger, but she had a husband to protect her. Little did she know, though, that she was in more danger than anyone would have thought.

At Lockdown, Bully Ray was Hulk’s chosen No. 1 contender to face Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. By the end of the match, it was revealed that not only was Bully Ray a member of the Aces & Eights, but he was also the president.

The Aces & Eights’ top guy was now the TNA World Heavyweight champion. Bully Ray would explain why he did what he did, but now he wants to speak with his wife face-to-face.

Will Brooke Hogan show up? If so, what will happen when she and Bully Ray meet in the ring for the first time in a month?



10-Man Tag Team Match: The Aces & Eights and TNA Continue the War


It has been almost a year since the Aces & Eights made their debut in TNA Wrestling. Since June of last year, they have wreaked havoc on the roster with attacks on legends like Sting and Hulk Hogan, the champions of the company and even Gut Check contestants.

At Lockdown, all members of the group had been revealed but one. TNA scored a major victory in the war when Sting, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Magnus and Eric Young defeated Aces & Eights members Devon, D.O.C., Mr. Anderson, Garett Bischoff and Knux inside Lethal Lockdown.

Things were looking up for TNA until the finish of the main event, which saw Aces & Eights president Bully Ray win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. With the president in possession of TNA’s World Championship, the TNA army is at a disadvantage.

That won’t stop them from fighting, though, as the main event of this week’s episode will feature a massive 10-man tag team match. The Aces & Eights, represented by Devon, D.O.C., Knux, Bischoff and Wes Brisco, will go up against Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Magnus, Eric Young and Joseph Park in what will no doubt be an all-out war.

Who will come out of this matchup on top? Can TNA score a victory in this war, or will the Aces & Eights keep the momentum on their side?

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling is looking like quite the explosive one. With TNA on the Road to Slammiversary, anything can certainly happen. How will this episode play out? Tune in to find out!