Nick Diaz Remaining Retired Unless He Gets GSP Rematch or Anderson Silva Fight

Jordy McElroy@ IApril 8, 2017

Nick Diaz is serious about remaining retired unless the UFC gives him a rematch with Georges St-Pierre or a superfight with Anderson Silva.

The former Strikeforce welterweight champ is still seething from the Quebec athletic commission's handling of his UFC 158 title bout with St-Pierre.

A little over a week ago, received an email from Jonathan Tweedale, a Diaz camp representative, claiming an official complaint would be filed regarding the administration of St-Pierre's post-fight drug test and issues at the weigh-ins.

On Tuesday, MMA journalist Ariel Helwani appeared on UFC Tonight with an update from the Diaz camp:

"As of right now, they have yet to file that complaint. I spoke to Jonathan Tweedale, who is a legal representative for Nick Diaz, and he told me they are ready and willing to do so, but first they want to hear back from the Quebec commission. He has requested all the information surrounding how they came to this decision.

Why did they decide to waive any decimal points if they were already in place on the day of the weigh-ins and not cut them? He wants to know everything about it. Once they get that information and deem that something fishy went on, then they'll file the complaint."

Fighters are typically expected to weigh-in either exactly on the mark or under to qualify for a UFC title bout.

If a fighter fails to make weight, the bout would no longer be deemed a title fight, and the fighter who missed weight is expected to give up 20-percent of their purse.

Unfortunately for Diaz, every commission doesn't necessarily abide by the same guidelines. The Quebec commission doesn't factor in decimals during weigh-ins, which means St-Pierre and Diaz could've weighed in as much as 170.9-pounds for the welterweight title bout.

Along with issues at the weigh-ins, the Diaz camp has suspicions regarding the pre-fight drug test administered to St-Pierre. According to Helwani, they are currently investigating what went on and how the test was conducted.

During an appearance on Toronto's Fan 590 (via, Diaz accused St-Pierre of using "steroids" and the athletic commission for turning a blind eye during the pre-fight drug test.

After losing to St-Pierre at UFC 158, Diaz once again announced his retirement from the sport. He is currently coming off back to back decision losses. Unless the UFC gives him a rematch with St-Pierre or a superfight with Silva, Diaz plans on staying retired for good.

Helwani continues:

"As for Nick Diaz and his fighting future, I asked Tweedale that question, and he said, 'Right now, he's retired, unless he gets a rematch with Georges St-Pierre or the big Anderson Silva fight.' Apparently if he doesn't get those fights, he is going to remain retired."