WWE WrestleMania 29 Weekend: PWS SuperCard Night One Predictions

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WWE WrestleMania 29 Weekend: PWS SuperCard Night One Predictions

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    During WWE WrestleMania 29 weekend, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, a New Jersey-based independent wrestling promotion, will host two nights of action that can only be categorized as SuperCards.

    For each night of action, I will break down the matches and provide you with predictions for the card. I have been attending PWS each month since November 2012, when former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy defeated former WWE developmental wrestler Kevin Matthews for the PWS Heavyweight Championship.

    In addition to a number of highly anticipated matches, various former WWE Superstars will be making appearances. Superstar Billy Graham, the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff will be in Metchen, New Jersey on Thursday, April 4. Plus, Big Van Vader will be the guest PWS Commissioner for the night.

    Now, let’s take a look at the scheduled matches.

PWS TITLE MATCH: Colt Cabana vs Kevin Matthews (c)

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    Kevin “Too Cocky” Matthews recently regained the PWS Heavyweight Championship from Matt Hardy at February’s “Thank You Jerry (Lynn)” show in a TLC match.

    Colt Cabana, on the other hand, has not been in action for PWS since November 2012. This is partly due to Cabana’s finger injury a few months ago. In any case, Cabana has not been consistent enough with PWS to deserve the Heavyweight title. As popular as Cabana is, Kevin Matthews has been taking over PWS lately.

    His heel faction, Reality Check, has been growing and is now up to six members.


    Prediction: Kevin Matthews retains PWS title

PWS TRI-STATE TITLE MATCH: Starman vs Alex Reynolds (c)

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    StarMan won the PWS Tri-State title back in November in a triple threat match that involved current champion Alex Reynolds and former TNA Superstar Anthony Nese.

    However, at the February show, Reynolds won the title in a singles match against StarMan. Now the video game character turned wrestler gets his rematch WrestleMania weekend.

    This is a more difficult match to predict, but it seems as though PWS is stacking Reality Check with a lot of gold. Right now they have both the Heavyweight and Tri-State title.

    Other members will have the opportunity to bring the group even more championship belts. Therefore, it unfortunately doesn’t seem like StarMan will regain his belt back.


    Prediction: Alex Reynolds retains PWS Tri-State title

FIRST TIME EVER MATCH: John Morrison vs. "The Pope" Elijah Burke

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    For the first time ever in any wrestling promotion, John Morrison will square off against “The Pope” Elijah Burke. Morrison left WWE back in November 2011, while Burke left TNA at the start of this calendar year.

    This match could go in either direction, as neither Superstar is a regular part of Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Morrison and Burke are additions to the night that help make it a SuperCard.

    In any case, with the majority of the regular PWS heel Superstars winning their matches, it would only be appropriate for the special babyface guests to win their matches. Therefore, look for John Morrison to pick up the win here.


    Prediction: John Morrison wins

PWS TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Phat Pack (c) Defend Against Three Other Teams

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    The PWS Tag Team division is a delight to watch as it grows each year with new students to their wrestling school.

    The Phat Pack won the tag titles last June at PWS’s Five Year Anniversary Show Night One. They defeated SM2 along with three other teams in a fatal four-way match.

    Now they have to defend the titles in another fatal four-way match against Reality Check members D-Struction and Seduction, in addition to rookie tag teams Black Hollywood and South Side Playaz Club.

    The latter two teams are very entertaining, but it doesn’t seem like time for them to win the belts. The biggest threat to the Phat Pack’s tag titles are D-Struction and Seduction.

    With Reality Check already with two titles, D-Struction and Seduction have a great chance to add to the collection. Don’t be surprised if Reality Check members, especially CheckMan and Devon Moore, get involved to help their fellow group members.


    Prediction: D-Struction and Seduction win and become NEW PWS Tag Team Champions

Other Match Predictions

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    Rock N Roll Express vs The Briscoes

    Prediction: The Briscoes

    Trent Barreta vs Sonjay Dutt

    Prediction: Trent Barreta

    Dan Maff vs Kevin Steen

    Prediction: Kevin Steen

    Davey Richards vs Anthony Nese

    Prediction: Anthony Nese

    Apollyon vs Devon Moore vs Lucifer Darksyde
    vs Necro Butcher vs New Jack vs
    The Sheik vs Tommy Dreamer

    Prediction: Devon Moore

    ??? vs Simon Dean

    Prediction: Simon Dean loses

    participants will be announced soon


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    Those are my predictions for Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Super Card Night One on Thursday, April 4 in Metuchen, New Jersey. The promotion will also be holding another show the following night at the same place. I will only be in attendance for the second night's show.

    For more information on PWS and their events during WrestleMania 29 weekend and beyond, click here.

    Pro Wrestling Syndicate continues to provide wrestling fans with a great combination of past Superstars and a group of new talent beginning their careers in the wrestling business.

    What are your thoughts on my predictions for Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Super Card Night One? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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