TNA Impact! Wrestling Recap: Sting Confronts Hogan, Hardy and Ray Hype Rematch

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIMarch 29, 2013

Hulk Hogan. (Photo credit:
Hulk Hogan. (Photo credit:

The Thursday, March 28 edition of Open Fight Night on TNA Impact! Wrestling started with a video package recapping Aces and Eights' recent actions.

Impact! Wrestling, which aired live from Jonesboro, Ariz., at the ASU Convocation Center, began with Jeff Hardy coming out to the ring to a loud ovation from the crowd. As Hardy was about to call someone from the TNA locker out to battle in a match, Bully Ray and the rest of Aces and Eights entered by ringside. 

Ray told Hardy he was tired of hearing him and introduced the former World Heavyweight Champion to the Aces and Eights crew. As Mr. Anderson took control of the microphone, Hardy attacked him. However, Aces and Eights stormed to the ring and began to beat down Hardy. Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Eric Young and Magnus rushed to the ring to make the save. Hardy proceeded to call out Mr. Anderson for a match.


Match No. 1: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

Your winners via pin fall: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Impressive opening match, as the crowd was very lively for this one. Both tag teams really brought their best game to this match.

Match Rating: 4/5.


Taryn Terrell comes out to the ring and called out Gail Kim for a match. Kim invited Tara and Jessee to the ring. As Kim and Tara team up against Terrell, Velvet Sky heads towards the ring for the save. 

After a commercial break, Terrell attacks Kim backstage before being broken up by Sky and Tara.

Sting's music plays, as "The Icon" heads towards the ring. As he picks up a microphone, Sting admits wrongdoing on trusting Ray and calls out Hulk Hogan. Hogan, who appeared frustrated after being called out, began to immediately blame Sting for what happened with Ray and how he ruined TNA. 

After refused to leave the ring, Hogan grew angry and began to taunt a brawl with Sting. However, security was brought in and forced Sting to leave.

James Storm came out next to the ring and called AJ Styles out. Styles is shown standing with the crowd, looking directly at Storm. As Storm was talking to Styles, Doc, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe of Aces and Eights emerged to the ring. After quickly taking the advantage on Storm, Young and Angle stormed to the ring for the save. Angle challenged Doc, Bischoff and Briscoe to a six-man tag team match.


Match No. 2: James Storm, Kurt Angle and Eric Young vs. Doc, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe.

Your winners via pin fall: Doc, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe. A very solid tag team match with plenty of action inside the ring. TNA did right by giving Aces and Eights an upper hand in this match, as they need to give the heel faction a major push with the addition of Ray.

Match Rating: 3.5/5.


Backstage, Borash interviews Sonjay Dutt, Mason Andrews and Petey Williams. Borash hyped their three-way X-Division match that is set for next week's Impact! Wrestling.


Match No. 3: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy.

Your winner via disqualification: Mr. Anderson. Hardy was disqualified after using as a hammer on Mr. Anderson. Afterwards, Hardy continued the attack on Mr. Anderson, using a steel chair. Hardy announced that his rematch with Ray for the World Heavyweight title will be no disqualification and includes, tables, ladders and chairs.

A good way to end Impact! Wrestling, as the main event was an exciting one to watch. TNA really put astrong emphasis on the Hardy vs. Ray match for the World Heavyweight Championship belt throughout the show.

Match Rating: 3.5/5.