Will The Lord Of The Rings, Kobe Bryant, Retake His Rightful Place?

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Will The Lord Of The Rings, Kobe Bryant, Retake His Rightful Place?
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Kobe Bryant's career had been full of highs and lows.

He started out being drafted in the first round out of high school by the Charlotte Hornets. Then he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on the same night. He joined a star studded team just as Magic Johnson had done. This made his transition easy for him to the NBA. Playing behind all stars such as Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, doesn't hurt anyone chances to succeed.

He was the second player to make an all star start as a sixth man and hasn't looked back since.

Along the way, he has won a regular season MVP, three all star MVP awards,became a league leader in endorsements and was an ambassador worldwide of basketball. All this and he also won three NBA cxhampionships. This is where the question comes into play.

Bryant played an important role on those championship teams, but he wanst the man, which he was obsessed with being.

Lets not forget the sexual assault case he was hit with and how he ratted out Shaq during the process. Bryant has never recovered fully from that case. His endorsements took a big hit. He isn't making the money outside the NBA he should be. Name how many times he has had a commercial vices Lebron James. One or none.

After Bryant won his third championship, he went and played in the famous Rucker Park in Harlem, New York. He earned the name "Lord of the Rings" because he was so young and had won this many championships. That was 2002. He has been in a drought since.

Kobe has been on a mission since he ostracised Shaquille O'Neal, to win a championship. This should be the year he does it.

I am not a Laker or a Kobe fan, but game recognizes game. Bryant has been the best player in the NBA the last five years. That's with Lebron on the rise, AI, KG, Yao Ming and his international backing and the new Isaiah Thomas...Chris Paul. Kobe still keeps his swagger and reminds us all he is this era's Micheal Jordan. a rip your heart out player that wants to win at all cost.

Jordan was known for winning and being the first option, not the second. This is Kobe's chance. An for everyone that disagrees, Kevin Garnett is hurt, I know this. This means the Celtics aren't at full strength. This doesn't stop Kobe from achieving supremacy.

For everyone since he is elder, he has the right to tell all NBA players,"If you wanna get on son, you need to ask me."

Last thing , Kobe, you don't wanna here another rap from Shaq on how you couldn't win a championship without him. If I could put that video up I would as a reminder to you.

Remember, Jordan first ring came when he beat Magic Johnson's Lakers. Looks like you will have to do that against this decades Magic, Lebron James. Good Luck!

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