Will Shane McMahon or Batista Turn on Triple H at Backlash?

JSenior Analyst IApril 18, 2009

Something about this WWE Championship match at Backlash just doesn't smell right.

Since Batista's return and the creation of this six-man tag team match for Triple H's title, I have been going back and forth on what could happen, and I see a sinister plot afoot.

Many Randy Orton fans were unhappy that he didn’t go over Triple H at WrestleMania XXV, perhaps with reason, but will we see a plot twist at Backlash that will more than make up for it?

With the Legacy asserting their dominance on RAW, and fast becoming the force to reckon with within the WWE, they have still yet to claim the one component that makes a faction so powerful, gold.

Every major faction or stable within the WWE or any other major promotion at some point will have held championships. It’s almost a given. We have yet to see this with Legacy.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will again at some point get a shot at the tag team gold (as they are one of the only teams left), and I am in no doubt that at the end of this program with Triple H, Randy Orton will walk away with the WWE Championship in hand. The question is when?

Backlash usually, but not always, brings an end to rivalries to start fresh, and I can see no reason why that could not be the case this year.

The only reason I have reservations that Backlash will not be the end of this is Triple H’s recent draft to RAW.

It may have something to do with a continued feud with Orton, but I hope not. I think there may be other reasons for this move.

Eventually this rivalry will get boring, and the WWE Championship will have to take a different path.

So what could happen that could put an end to the feud and take it off at a tangent?

Well I have two theories, and both involve treachery.

The first is that the recently returned Batista turns on Triple H, and costs him his WWE Championship.

His motive; well their rivalry is well-documented, and their paths have crossed on many occasions. I’m sure it wouldn’t take the WWE much to convince us of this angle.

His return is also a little too conveniently timed don’t you think? Making it back just in time to be put in this match.

However, Orton did put Batista out of action, albeit kayfabe, so maybe this will tip his balance to ally with Triple H.

Means and opportunity are obvious, as will be the case in my next theory, as both perpetrators will be involved in the match. Both will be able to cost Triple H his gold.

“Both, you say. Both?”

That’s right, my second theory is that Shane McMahon costs Triple H the WWE Championship, and potentially joins Legacy. He is third generation after all.

I, along with others, thought that something major involving either a McMahon or a member of Legacy was going to happen at WrestleMania. It didn’t, but the opportunity for a back-stabbing is still open.

Why would Shane cost Triple H the title? Well again their past rivalry is well documented. DX crossed paths with Shane and Vince a few years ago, they were both part of the WrestleMania 2000 main event (although Shane was a manager), and the more obvious fact that Shane is Triple H’s brother-in-law.

Before a few months ago we had never seen an on-screen confirmation by the WWE of this relationship, although it has been played on before. So we could see some twist on the issue that Shane somehow holds a grievance toward Triple H, and thus costs him the title.

Both theories have merit, but where could each lead?

Well, if Batista cost Triple H the title, it would no doubt lead to a program between the two, and would let Randy Orton endeavor with other feuds.

Legacy would build steam and find other ways to amuse itself.

Shane McMahon would be left with a backseat role in this instance, but that wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Shane is fun to have around but he is hardly the best wrestler. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind another break from the screen.

If Shane turned on Triple H then the ramifications for Legacy could be epic. Having such a powerful name behind the faction would certainly be a step in the right direction for them.

I have mixed views on what would happen with Batista and Triple H, as both would be on the receiving end of the deceit.

Maybe Batista is the one pinned and Triple H blames him, or perhaps the two go after Legacy, it’s not really too easy to say at this point.

So this is the point in the article, after providing good evidence for the two scenarios, where I say ‘X’ will happen. But in all honesty I am completely split.

I am confident that betrayal is on the horizon, but from which camp I don’t know.

I would like opinions on this because I am torn. Or do you think I am just talking rubbish?