WrestleMania 29: WWE Hints at Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee Match for the Pay-Per-View

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE hinted in heavy-handed fashion on Monday's Raw that it will be AJ Lee who takes on Divas champ Kaitlyn at WrestleMania 29.

Kaitlyn, like Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett, was a champion without a challenger at WrestleMania. It's not official yet, but WWE gave fans reason to believe that AJ will go after Kaitlyn's title. This pairing is the best available matchup and, given a little attention, could be a surprise hit.

Kaitlyn spoke to Daniel Bryan and Team Hell No backstage about AJ's instability. Referring to AJ, she said, "The wheel is spinning, but the hamster's dead."

Unfortunately for her, AJ was lurking behind her, and upon hearing the word "crazy," pounced on Kaitlyn.

The two women met in the ring later on in the episode. AJ slapped Kaitlyn and squealed in glee. Kaitlyn nailed her with a gutbuster, and Dolph Ziggler’s girlfriend rolled out of the ring to escape. Kaitlyn geared up for a huge spear outside but missed.

Her head crashed against the safety barricade and Kaitlyn fell awkwardly to the floor.

While AJ waited in the ring with a devious grin, Kaitlyn struggled to get back into the ring. The Divas champ couldn't make it back in before the referee counted to 10. By design, the story felt unfinished and Kaitlyn and AJ's hatred still boiled.

Without saying it outright, WWE set up a Divas match for The Show of Shows.

Out of all of the options WWE has available, an AJ and Kaitlyn match, and ultimately an AJ and Kaitlyn feud, is the best thing for the division right now.

These former best friends should have banged heads longer during the beginnings of their feud that fizzled out.

After their tag team, The Chickbusters broke up, but the WWE didn't fully capitalize on their schism. Like most Divas stories on Raw or SmackDown, theirs didn't get the focus it required to stay afloat.

One can't fault WWE for turning to that damaged relationship now, with the Divas division as thin as it is at the moment. AJ and Kaitlyn aren't the best technical wrestlers in the division, but they are two of the better overall performers.

Their contrast in size, their personal history and AJ's explosive personality give this match a healthy amount of potential.

The trouble is those two women likely won’t get much of the WrestleMania pie. Fans haven't seen a one-on-one women’s match at The Showcase of the Immortals since WrestleMania 23 (h/t TheHistoryofWWE.com). Melina defeated Ashley in just over three minutes that night.

Regardless of how the booking turns out, AJ and Kaitlyn are the right choices for this match. WWE has a potentially compelling bout on its hands. The company just needs to allow this to go for a reasonable amount of time and give this feud some decent attention on the last leg of The Road to WrestleMania.