Mark Henry Potentially Injured at WWE House Show During Match with Kane

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIMarch 24, 2013


CM Punk may not be the only injured superstar on 2013's Road to WrestleMania.

According to, fans who were at a recent house show have reported that Mark Henry may have legitimately hurt his knee:  

There was an apparent knee or leg injury to Mark Henry at last night's WWE live event in Norfolk, Virginia. Henry was wrestling Kane and lost when he used a steel chair to get disqualified. During the match, the referee gave the "X" signal to the back and pointed to Henry's knee a few times. They quickly went to the DQ steel chair finish and that was it. Henry limped back after the match.

The legitimacy and seriousness of the injury has yet to be confirmed, but this could be a very bad situation for the WWE.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry is one of the more intriguing and fresh feuds heading into WrestleMania XXIX, and the show would certainly suffer from its absence.

But as much as the WWE would feel the hurt, it would be Henry and Ryback who would be the most damaged.

Ryback is in need of a big win to make up for the various big losses he’s sustained on pay-per-views since October last year.

Henry was given a world championship push back in 2011 but his colossal momentum was quickly halted by debilitation; he injured his groin at Survivor Series 2011 and hyperextended his knee two months later.

And now this. It seems that Mark Henry is one of the more injury-prone superstars on the roster.

Most importantly, this begs the question: Should The World's Strongest Man be too hurt to work, who could replace him? 

The easiest supplication would, of course, be Big Show, another savage giant for Big Hungry to feast on. However, extricating him from his program with The Shield could be difficult at this point. 

Although Fandango attacked Chris Jericho on SmackDown, the two have yet to be committed to a serious feud. Perhaps Y2J could take on Ryback at The Show of Shows?

With WrestleMania XXIX being around two weeks away, a serious injury to Mark Henry could present WWE with a very delicate conundrum. 

Hopefully it isn't bad enough to stop Mark Henry from performing at The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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