Fandango's First Television Match Could Be WrestleMania 29; That's Huge Pressure

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2013

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If the Fandango character in-ring television debut is a match at WrestleMania 29―I don't care how you say his name, it won't change the fact that it will be huge pressure on him.

A sold out CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh chanted “you can't wrestle” after Fandango once again refused to compete Monday in a match after making a very flamboyant entrance (the longest and first time he's made it to the ring on television).

With only two more weeks of television until WrestleMania 29, it seems quite possible that WWE is going to make Fandango's in-ring television debut be some type of draw on the WrestleMania card. Based upon his interaction on Raw and what little birds are chirping, his first opponent could likely be Chris Jericho.

Jericho is a good opponent to have, but that's a lot of pressure on the biggest stage for Fandango. He doesn't even have to necessarily win the match, it just needs to be an entertaining showing. The hardcore fans will watch and wait for any botched spot. The casual fan is going to watch and see if their attention is held to follow along with the story in the ring.

WWE does have a point in my book with the way he says his name. It's catchy and annoying. That's a success. Everybody also knows his history which is he's been teased and now refusing to have his matches. Nobody in the arena is saying “they haven't heard of or seen this guy.” That's another good thing but also reinforces the pressure of when he has his first match. Everyone will take extra notice to that match. So it better not flop.

There are reasons debuts normally happen the night after 'Mania on Raw. It's a fresh “season” in WWE in many ways. It also gives the maximum amount of time for a character to be established before using up a WrestleMania spot for them. It also isn't, you know, WRESTLEMANIA.

It's a lot of pressure for a first match. Maybe Fandango is good enough to make it work. It's a big gamble on the biggest stage to find out.

If Fandango has a great performance, it could be a positive momentum swing like no other for his character. If he doesn't, the character will be gone quickly. Just like FAN-DAN-GO...Fu-Ture En-Devoured can be said ridiculously.