Describing Every Member of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a Tweet

Ricky FrechCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2013

Describing Every Member of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a Tweet

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    Twitter has quickly become one of the main ways we NBA fans find news and updates about our favorite teams in the Association—especially young, social media-savvy squads like the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Many of the Thunder's players have grown up in this always-connected world of ours, making guys like Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) and Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) people you need to follow.

    Having stars like them on Twitter gives fans a whole new perspective, allowing us to take a real look inside our favorite athletes' lives.

    And then there are your fellow NBA fans, who provide near-instantaneous links to highlights minutes after they happen, as well as, insightful, sometimes hilarious, comments and intellectual discussion.

    All of this and more, make Twitter an amazing place to be for those of us who love the NBA.

    So let's dig into that Twitter-verse and try to find tweets that describe our favorite OKC Thunder players in 140 characters or less.

Ronnie Brewer

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    The Knicks traded a fantastic perimeter defender in Ronnie Brewer for a fart. Sam Presti should be studied in a laboratory.

    — BitterRaptorFan (@BitterRaptorFan) March 19, 2013


    Ronnie Brewer might not be getting much playing time for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but no one can deny that the young man plays perimeter defense as well as anybody.

    Hopefully, Brewer finds his way into the rotation by the playoffs, giving the Thunder yet another body to throw at stars like Lebron James

    In other news, Sam Presti is the best general manager in the entire NBA.

Nick Collison

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    Nick Collison never quits hustling. Ever. Never. Ever. Seriously. Never.

    — Thunder Obsessed (@ThunderObsessed) March 14, 2013

    Nick Collison is the ultimate "glue guy" who does everything in his power to get his team a "W." Collison puts his body on the line ever night and is the NBA's best at taking a charge.

    Plus, he has some of the most luscious locks in the entire league.

    Nick Collison diving on the floor. Didn't mess his hair up at all.

    — Thunder Obsessed (@ThunderObsessed) March 14, 2013

Kevin Durant

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    Im not nice RT @ry4n_smith: @kdtrey5 whats with all the technicals so far this season??

    — Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) March 6, 2013

    If you hadn't heard by now, Kevin Durant is not nice.

    The Oklahoma City Thunder star has spent the season ripping out opponent's hearts with late-game daggers and putting guys like Marcin Gortat on a poster.

    The NBA's reigning scoring champ has taken his game to another level, leaving that "nice guy" label behind while he's at it.

Derek Fisher

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    Kevin Durant set up Derek Fisher for his first two corner 3s, but Fish misfired on both. Crowd would have erupted had they went.

    — Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry) February 28, 2013

    However, the early results for Fisher have been very mixed, as the cagey vet's shot has been streaky since coming back to OKC.

    It remains to be seen how helpful D-Fish will be in the playoffs, but so far, it looks like head coach Scott Brooks might have a little too much faith in the point guard's skills.

Serge Ibaka

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    Serge Ibaka is having a #BlockParty in OKC tonight- 6 blks before the start of the 4thQ!!

    — NBA Fantasy (@NBAFantasy) February 7, 2013

    Pretty much every night is a #BlockParty for Oklahoma City Thunder player Serge Ibaka.

    Air Congo currently sits at second in the league in blocks per game, just .16 behind the Milwaukee Bucks' Larry Sanders.

    Ibaka's presence in the paint makes everyone else's job easier, and don't be surprised if he passes Sanders by season's end.

Reggie Jackson

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    Not nearly most important takeaway from a weird game in NYC, but Reggie Jackson is growing on me.

    — Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) March 8, 2013

    Since the All-Star break, Jackson's stats are up across the board, and he's showing fans that the Oklahoma City Thunder made a smart choice in dealing away Eric Maynor at the trade deadline.

Perry Jones

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    Between the legs in warm-up! You got some serious ups brother! @perry_jones1

    — Macca Sexton (@MaccaSexton12) March 14, 2013

    Athletically, Perry Jones III might be the most gifted Oklahoma City Thunder player.


    However, the young man is buried behind OKC's star-studded rotation and hasn't been able to find anything in the way of consistent playing time.

    Hopefully that changes soon, so we can see more stuff like this.

Jeremy Lamb

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    I wish I could txt Scott Brooks and tell him to let Jeremy Lamb shine.

    — Milan S. (@Just__Milan) March 14, 2013

    That doesn't mean Lamb hasn't impressed this season, tearing up the D-League every time the OKC staff sends him down.

    Lamb's stellar play won't go unnoticed for long, and it's only a matter of time before he becomes a major player in the Thunder's rotation.

DeAndre Liggins

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    Good point by @gr8ball83: DeAndre Liggins would be an ideal defender to throw at J.R. Smith right now. Except, he's in Tulsa.

    — Royce Young (@dailythunder) March 8, 2013

    The night this tweet was sent, OKC was getting torched by J.R. Smith to the tune of 36 points.

    It's hard to say if Liggins would've made much of an impact if he had been with the team that night, but his presence wouldn't have hurt.

    One thing is certain, the team could use him on the bench against teams with star perimeter scorers, especially in the playoffs.

Kevin Martin

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    Kevin Martin is going to get killed in the playoffs. Twitter is gonna treat him like it usually treats Bosh #ScapeGoat

    — Nate Jones (@JonesOnTheNBA) March 3, 2013

    However, fans are fickle, and if the Oklahoma City Thunder happen to stumble at anytime during the playoffs, Martin's name will likely be the first one tossed under the bus.

    It's really not fair to Martin, but "them's" the breaks when you replace a fan favorite like the Bearded One.

Daniel Orton

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    Perfectly sums up my life.…

    — Daniel Orton (@D_Orton33) February 8, 2013

    Listen, I'm not going to mess with something as perfect as this.


    We're looking for a tweet to sum up a player, and Daniel Orton kindly provides one with a picture of a messy room, littered with video games, saying it sums him up perfectly.

    It's not often something like this falls into your lap; although, I can't help but wonder if Orton is stalking me. The room in the photo looks eerily similar to the one I sleep in.

Kendrick Perkins

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    Defense win chips. Proud of my troops tonight for how they went to war on the defensive end. Great fans In Oklahoma. #thunderupbaby

    — Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) March 14, 2013

    Kendrick Perkins might not do much outside of acting tough and frowning all the time, but the guy knows what it takes to win.


    Hopefully, Perk can lock the paint up during the playoffs and help bring the "chip" home to Oklahoma City.

Thabo Sefolosha

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    Thabo Sefolosha on the play that led to his dagger fadeaway over OJ Mayo: "It was designed for, I'm joking."

    — Jeff Caplan (@Caplan_NBA) March 18, 2013

    In one quick quip, Thabo Sefolosha shows that he knows his place as last option on offense, while also showing us that the Swiss guard has a great sense of humor.


    It's good to see role players take some humor in the fact that they aren't the star, because it shows how tight the squad is.

    Chemistry can go a long way toward a team's success, and it seems like the Oklahoma City Thunder have that in spades.

Hasheem Thabeet

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    — Hasheem Thabeet (@HasheemTheDream) March 17, 2013

    First, you have to love how Hasheem Thabeet has yet to learn how to turn his caps lock off. It's like the young man is constantly screaming out motivational words to his 100,000-plus followers.


    However, the real reason this is here is that it basically sums up Thabeet's NBA career to this point.

    Thabeet looked like a colossal bust his first few years after being drafted second overall by the Memphis Grizzlies, but now, he's become a solid role player for the Thunder, salvaging his career in the process.

Russell Westbrook

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    Wow. Russell Westbrook!!!!

    — Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry) March 17, 2013

    There's the good Russell, that has you saying, "wow, that's amazing!" Then there's the bad Russell, that makes you groan, "wow, why'd he do that?"

    Either way, when Westbrook has the ball, "wow" is the most applicable word.