TNA World Cup of Wrestling 2013 Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IMarch 18, 2013

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The TNA has completely changed its pay-per-view format, and the latest in a serious of pre-taped specials—the aptly named World Cup of Wrestling—went down on Tuesday night in Orlando. 

According to, TNA will now only put on four "live" pay-per-view events, but seven of these special "One Night Only" events, which are all currently being taped, will debut in April and will premiere on the first Friday of every subsequent month. 

This one, in true World Cup style, pitted four "countries" against each other. Each team consisted of a heavyweight, tag team, X-Division star and knockout. After a series of individual matches, the remaining two teams competed against each other in a 10-person elimination Battle Royal.

The teams are as follows (via


Team USA

Mickie James

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)

Kenny King

James Storm


Team UK

Hannah Blossom

Rob Terry and Douglas Williams

Rockstar Spud



Team International

Lei'D Tapa

Petey Williams and Funaki

Sonjay Dutt

Judas Mesias


Team Aces & Eights

Ivelisse Velez

DOC and Knox

Wes Brisco

Mr. Anderson


Now, let's take a look at the results, courtesy of


Kenny King (USA) defeats Sonjay Dutt (International)

TNAsylum calls this match "one of the best X Matches in recent memory," so there are some hefty expectations to live up to.

Still, it's not to difficult to believe. 

King, the current X-Division champion, and Dutt are both athletic wrestlers capable of putting on a big-time show. 


Magnus (UK) defeats Mr. Anderson (A&8)

While Aces & Eights seems to be constantly getting the ultimate push by TNA, this result isn't overly surprising.

Don't forget that just a week ago at Lockdown, Magnus was a member of Team TNA, which knocked off Mr. Anderson and Aces & Eights. 

Ever since returning from a brief hiatus in January, Magnus has been on a roll. 


DOC and Knox (A&8) defeat Petey Williams and Funaki (International)

There's your Aces & Eights win. 

Petey Williams has been all over the "One Night Only" tapings with mixed results, and although it was fun to see the 44-year-old Funaki back in action purely for the nostalgia, there was no way the duo was going to upend DOC and Knox.  


Lei'D Tapa (International) defeats Hannah Blossom (UK)

Although Tapa, a second-generation wrestler, lost last week during Gut Check, she has proven that she has the talent to earn a contract, and it's encouraging to see her get the start of a potential push. 


Wes Brisco (A&8) defeats Rockstar Spud (UK)

Again, no real surprise here. 

Brisco is incredibly underwhelming, but TNA made its intentions clear when D'Lo Brown helped him to a win over the more-deserving Kurt Angle on Lockdown last week.

There was no way the mini Rockstar Spud, who recently earned a spot on the TNA roster, was going to beat the Aces & Eights member, although it would have been a welcome surprise. 


Bad Influence (USA) defeats Rob Terry and Doug Williams (UK)

Three out of the four of these wrestlers just appeared at Lockdown, so this was bound to be an entertaining match. In the end, Daniels and Kazarian unsurprisingly walked away with the victory. 


Ivelisse Velez (A&8) defeats Mickie James (US)

It was unknown for a while who the knockout from Aces & Eights would be, but when Velez was finally revealed as the participant, she came through with the massive victory. 

Much like Tapa (who Velez beat in that Gut Check match last week), Velez has showcased a lot of promise, and a victory over former champion Mickie James—with some interference from Aces & Eights—likely means bigger things are coming. 


James Storm (USA) defeats Judas Mesias (International)

Mesias spent some time in 2007 and 2008 with TNA, where he provided some thrilling moments, but a matchup against heavily-used James Storm was too much to overcome. 


Team USA defeats Aces & Eights to win the World Cup of Wrestling

I may be from the good ol' US of A, but I'm happy with this result simply because it means an actual country wins the World Cup, not a stable.