LA Marathon: Breaking Down Top Performers from Iconic Event

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIMarch 18, 2013

Deena Kastor
Deena KastorIan Walton/Getty Images

The 2013 Los Angeles Marathon is complete, with Belarus-native Aleksandra Duliba and Kenyan Erick Mose triumphing as the respective male and female winners.

Mose's unofficial winning time of 2:09:43 came just outside the course record of 2:08:24, but was enough to give him the win over countryman Julius Keter. Yet his performance was definitely overshadowed by that of Duliba, who finished a full four minutes clear of the rest of the women's field.

Read on to see who else emerged as a top performer from the LA Marathon.


Aleksandra Duliba

There is perhaps no bigger performer in the marathon this year than Duliba, who not only finished four minutes clear of the women's field (as mentioned), but also picked up the additional $50,000 on offer in the gender challenge.

Duliba was able to finish less than 18 minutes and 35 seconds ahead of the top male runner, Mose, and in doing so, picked up the additional $50K.

The fact that this was just her first professional event made the performance in LA even more incredible from the 27-year-old.


Erick Mose

As the male winner, Mose has to be considered a top performer here, with his winning time of 2:09.43 a very strong effort from the Kenyan international.

Mose was able to kick clear of countryman Keter in the latter stages of the race, and whilst he might have missed out on the $50,000 that Duliba pocketed from the gender challenge, the 26-year-old would no doubt have been thrilled just to pick up the $25,000 awarded to first place.

Not a bad day at the office for Mose.


Deena Kastor

Kastor finished third in the women's event in a time of 2:32:38—over six minutes behind Duliba—but for somebody her age, that's still an incredible performance.

The American international recently turned 40 years old, and yet she's still competing (and succeeding) against some of the top runners in the world.

Not too many 40-year-olds can attest to that.


Krige Schabort

Schabort also deserves some recognition here as a top performer after taking first place in the wheelchair marathon that took place before the able-bodied event.

The 48-year-old war veteran broke the course record with a blistering 1:30:50, giving him not only the $3,500 first-place prize, but also his fourth consecutive LA Marathon victory.


Any top performers from the 2013 LA Marathon that were missed?

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