Is Sports Entertainment On Life Support? (Part 2): Who Is At Fault Here?

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 16, 2009

The relationship we share with sports entertainment is bitter sweet.

One minute, the world is on its feet—awestruck and utterly perplexed with what is going on in the ring, backstage, in the parking lot, or in a general manager's office.

The next, the very same people curse, criticize and complain about what might be a less than stellar program on live television.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: Who is really at fault here?

We've been given greatness at times and at others, we've stuck by feuds thrown together without concern for build up or even following the simplest principle of storytelling—the ability to deviate from logic without having to completely disregard and or ignore the intelligence of the fans.

At times, we're able to excuse those little things which might piss us off due to the overall stellar performances by the larger than life characters placed in front of us.

Ever since the term "sports entertainment" has been coined, we've seen quite a few shake ups, controversies in its history, and the creation of the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

Sports entertainment has spanned over a period of three decades now; not only have we seen some of the best and some of the worst for the duration of this time, we have witnessed sports entertainment become part of the mainstream media and the expansion of many wrestling promotions, most notably the WWE.

But now that all that has become a part of history and the most successful years of the WWE have passed us by, the voice of the people has become strained with complaints, criticisms and disappointment with the current product.

But who is to blame for all this?

Do we point the finger at the talented individuals who strive to entertain us whether it is through hilarious segments or compelling in-ring competition?

Do we blame the writers who come up with ideas for story lines and feuds which might or might not be accepted by the fans?

Is it the corporate big shots who refuse to put the right talent in the limelight or the backstage politicking that is choking the life out of our beloved sport?

Is it the higher authority that does not permit certain stars to shine or story lines to play out the way we, the fans would like them to?

Or did we spend too much time giving them credit where it was due and praise for all the efforts they have done and how they have raised the bar?

Have they turned a blind eye to our riots?

Are they playing deaf to our cries to be saved from boring and overly used, recycled ideas?

Or is it us?

Have we the people stripped the extravaganza that is wrestling entertainment down to its bare essentials?

We've broken down the entire sport right down to its core.

Once we find out the way a magic trick works, its no longer special.

It becomes irrelevant and no longer important.

Can we honestly say we haven't done the same to our passion for sports entertainment?

From insider news to rumors and even 100 percent confirmed storyline details that we come across in our daily cyberspace trips, these little tidbits of information that were so hard to obtain have become quite easily accessible from the media around us.

Has all this affected our overall pleasure or displeasure with the main courses we're served every week?

Think about it.

A story is just like a well prepared meal, if you have the right ingredients and that special secret recipe, you have all the necessary tools to create an impression in the minds of all that are attracted to it's scrumptious taste and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Now, if you run around telling people what the special recipe is, you're more than likely to get tired of eating, or in our case watching, the very thing which is already present, sitting deep within the conscience of our minds.

Have we done irrevocable damage that we are unaware of or do we just not give a damn anymore?

Do we care about the overall product that is placed at our feet or have we turned into casual fans who will settle for anything they can get?

We as fans, are going around telling people about releases and future draft moves; doing this might just kill the excitement when those events actually occur making them obsolete and irrelevant.

And with that, we end up right where we started, high and dry.

Is there a solution to this madness?

A vaccination, perhaps to fend off this virus, the itch to know everything that concerns the inside-out world of pro-wrestling.

The solution might not present itself now and it might not ever.

Can we strike a balance between our addiction with insider reports and our need to be excited consistently?

That is the true question to be posed.


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