Watch LeBron James Videobomb Chris Bosh's Postgame Interview

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMarch 15, 2013

For LeBron James, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat, one good videobomb deserves another.

Following Miami's 21st consecutive win, James turned the tables on Bosh, crashing his postgame interview with a rotating version of the robot. For most of the season, it has been the other way around. But thanks to James' moves, he endeared himself to fans everywhere and earned a new nickname in the process.

There it is. LeRobot. RT @jdfeuer: LeBron Video Bomb

— Tom Green (@Tomas_Verde) March 16, 2013

The goof was good news for the Heat for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Bosh played well enough to earn the camera time. His 28 points tied James for the team lead in Miami's 107-94 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

In another sense, it's a good sign that the Heat are staying loose amid the building tension of their historic run.

Bosh clearly appreciated LBJ's effort, immediately joining the dance party.

LeBron videobombs Bosh, who then videobombs himself. Of course he does.

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) March 16, 2013

Remember, the videobomb is Bosh's territory. So it's no surprise he took it in stride.

Later on, James got a little more serious, explaining to Heat beat writer Ethan J. Skolnick that Miami is aware of the significance of its ongoing run.

LeBron James: "We're just trying to make our mark on history, any way we can." #heat

— Ethan J. Skolnick (@EthanJSkolnick) March 16, 2013

Although, if you think about it, James might have been referring to the shared dance party he and Bosh enjoyed. Technically, that was probably the first time in NBA history that two All-Stars had engaged in an impromptu dance-off. That counts as historic too, right?

The best part of the whole episode is that Bosh now has to up the ante. Instead of simply staring awkwardly into the camera when he videobombs James and Wade's postgame interviews, he's going to have to do something even better.

Here's hoping he incorporates props and prepares some costumes for his upcoming efforts. With the way the Heat are playing, there'll be plenty of victorious postgame chats, giving Bosh an opportunity to return the favor.