WWE News: The Rock Setting Sights on Role in New Star Wars Flick

Gone Baby GoneContributerMarch 14, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, if this doesn't show that The Rock is still an actor first, then nothing will.

Don't get me wrong, I respect all that "The Brahma Bull" has done for the business. However, it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth when the current WWE champ is talking about the next movie he wants to be in during WrestleMania season.

According to SEScoops.com:

During this week’s media tour of Sydney, Australia to promote “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” WWE Champion The Rock told Adelaidenow.com.au that he’s got his got his sights set on a role in the new Star Wars movie.

“I played with two lines of action figures when I was a kid: G.I. Joe and Star Wars,” The Rock said. “By the way, because we didn’t have a lot of money, I used to steal them. I’d just rip open the packages and shove ‘em in my pockets … like a lot of kids. I got caught a couple of times, got my ass kicked by my parents.

“So when I got the call saying, ‘How do you feel about becoming the leader of the G.I. Joes?’, it was like if I got a call from George Lucas saying, ‘I want you to be in Star Wars’.”

George Lucas recently announced that J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Lost) will be directing the next installment of the Star Wars franchise, due out in 2015. Not one to sit around if there’s something out there he wants – The Rock plans to contact the powers that be to land himself a role in the blockbuster film.

“I’m gonna call J.J. and you’re gonna help by printing it and I’m gonna be in Star Wars!” The Rock said.

Ultimately, this was a smart move by "The People's Champ," as it gives him some buzz and automatically puts his name in the running for this film. Let's face it, there aren't many people that would turn down a chance to be a part of this historic franchise.

That being said, I have to wonder what the WWE has in store for The Rock this year and beyond.

Overall, the company can't keep him on this sort of schedule if he continues to land roles in blockbuster movies. The fact is that The Rock has managed to build his brand and make himself a larger-than-life character.

He has not only done all there is to do in wrestling, but he is also making short work of the Hollywood action movie scene and could ultimately go down as one of the greatest action heroes in history.

Yes, it may be a bit premature to make that comment. However, with two Fast and Furious movies under his belt and G.I. Joe just around the corner, it would be hard to argue with that statement.

Keep in mind The Rock is also slated to be a part of WrestleMania 30, so chances are we will see him working a similar schedule this time next year.

In the end, the WWE is going to do what it feels is best for the company. So if that means having The Rock as its champion, so be it.