Supplemental Draft: The Divas

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

Today's WWE Supplemental Draft is over and we saw some serious moves in terms of the Divas Roster. First, big applause to the WWE for trying to shake things up with the Divas. So let's go through each pick and here are my thoughts:


1. Alicia Fox to Smackdown

Well, she's going back to her old stomping grounds. I think it's a good move for her. It's going to give her time to grow while being under the teachings of veterans like Michelle and Melina. It will be interesting to see if her history with Edge is played on, especially with his wife on another show. This can be a very easy way to turn her heel, which Smackdown is currently short on.


2. Nikki and Brie to RAW

I'm putting them together instead of separating since they were eventually drafted together. I guess with Primo and The Miz on RAW, there is another opportunity for them to split. Something needs to happen because their Twins gimmick is very stale. I was hoping for a split because I'd like to see what they can do in singles action. But for now, they can chase the Divas title together.


3. Candice Michelle to Smackdown

She wanted it, she got it. Very good move. Candice was very stale and very much a fourth wheel since her return to RAW. Candice is definitely one who needs a new start. I hope she's turned heel. She's got a natural ability to be like Maryse and be a sexy, full of herself heel. Here's hoping she remains injury free.


4. Layla to Smackdown

Layla is going back to her old stomping grounds, as she first debuted on SD when she won the Diva Search. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big Layla fan, and I love this move for her.

When allowed to wrestle, especially up against Michelle McCool earlier last year, Layla proved to be a very solid wrestler, much more than Maria, Kelly Kelly or Eve. Although she oozes a natural heel personality, I'd like to see a face turn. I want to see more matches with Michelle. If the WWE puts Alicia with Edge, these two can feud as well.


5. Natalya to ECW

No big shock as Natalya has been on for many weeks with Tyson Kidd, so the move is a long time coming. Although Natalya deserves more, ECW can be a place for her to make a name for herself as a manager and personality.

With ECW and SD taping together, there's also a chance for her to become a contender for the Women's Championship, and make history as the first ever generational star to carry a Women's title. Also, with her cousin DH Smith moved to ECW we may finally see the long awaited return of some pink and black in the form of a new Hart Foundation stable.

All in all this was a good draft for the divas. The titles switched shows as well as a lot of Divas moving. I'm glad the WWE is trying to mix the Divas around and see what they can get out of them.