Draft Recap: Supplemental Style

Thom Cunningham@ThomBhombCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

At Noon, the WWE began its supplemental draft following Monday night's WWE Draft in Atlanta.

Pick 1 (RAW): Mr. Kennedy

I thought it was a good first pick to start the supplemental draft. Mr. Kennedy has been on RAW before, not to mention he is a legitimate contender for either championship title (WWE/ Heavyweight).

The injury plague hits Kennedy harder than any current talent, so I'm not to concerned how he can impact RAW. I'm still concerned whether or not he will wrestle in the upcoming months, but hopefully he will be back soon because he is a very good talent.

Pick 2 (SM!): Shad

I thought it was a pretty good pick, if JTG gets drafted later! This is ridiculous! I don't care how he will do in singles competition! Listen WWE, you introduced Shad and JTG to the fans as a part of Cryme Tyme.

For this, the fans were introduced to a tag team (a damn good one) that connected immediately with the audience. There is nothing more frustrating to a fan than seeing tag teams split.

Not just any tag team though, good tag teams, the ones that the fans love and the ones who perform great in the ring. Cryme Tyme was that, and you broke them up.

The only way I see this working (for me) is if they change their characters. Why can't we get a great tag team division like we used to have?

Pick 3 (SM!) Alicia Fox

At first I didn't like this pick at all. Then I remembered that Edge and Miss Fox have some history together. I LOVE this pick, but WWE has to be very careful here.

They have to use Alicia the right way, because if they do, it could set up a GOLDEN storyline and possible alliance in the near future.

Pick 4 (RAW):Primo

I don't see this working for out for Primo, RAW or the tag team division.

Pick 5 (SM!) Mike Knox

I'm not sure what to think of this pick. Knox's best moments were on ECW, where I think he belongs. WWE tried to move him to RAW (which didn't work out), now they're testing him on SMACKDOWN!

Knox has gone way past his prime (which was when he was with Kelly Kelly), but I think he can recover. He has the look, character and style to be a heel, but only on ECW.

He looks like an ECW heel, and if the WWE sees something in him (which they do, otherwise they would've released him instead of moving him around all the time) then I think he has potential to be a big time future heel.

Pick 6 (ECW): Ezekiel Jackson

This was a very good move in my opinion. I think it was time for Eazy to move on from The Brian Kendrick. He did a solid job as Kendrick's manager, but I'm interested on how he can handle the solo role.

I think he might align himself with Henry and Atlas, which would be healthy for the ECW brand. I see big things in the future for Eazy, and ECW is a perfect fit for his style to fighting and character.

Pick 7 (RAW): Nikki Bella

I was surprised by this move, because I didn't think the twins would split. I don't consider this a bad tag team split, but possibly a great future feud between the twins. What if Nikki and Primo teamed, while Carlito and Brie teamed?

I'm not sure how much she will be used though, seeing how the divas on RAW are further experienced than Nikki (from a wrestling standpoint).

Pick 8 (SM!): Candice Michelle

I like this move. I didn't see it coming, but it's a good move. Candice is a top contender for the women's title, so she should she plenty of ring time. I wonder how she will fit in with the rest of the SMACKDOWN! roster, but I feel she will do just fine.

I am still a little confused (with unanswered questions) by this pick, but I don't see any harm in it. Good pick.

Pick 9 (ECW): Zack Ryder

Another tag team parted, what are the odds? This was a good tag team to hate, but it was time to move on. Maybe if the WWE used them more as the "Edgeheads", then maybe I would argue this pick.

Ultimately, the WWE felt it was time for them to move on, and they know more then we do, so I trust this move.

Ryder will bring a lot of energy to ECW and if Bourne doesn't get picked, this could be an excellent feud in the land of extreme!

Pick 10 (RAW): Chavo Guerrero

No shocker here; it was a pretty obvious pick. Vickie basically brought Chavo and Big Show to RAW, but it makes a lot of sense.

This pick can show that the WWE will be keeping Vickie around as GM by surrounding her with a faction of talented and experienced superstars. I just wonder if we will see other superstars hop on the Guerrero train?

Pick 11 (SM!): Ricky Ortiz

A very surprising pick to me, but a good one. I like what Ortiz delivers in the ring, but needs to develop a relationship with the audience a little better.

SMACKDOWN! is the right show for his type of style and I think he could have a bright future, but for now, he is looking as a possible future candidate to the Intercontinental title.

Pick 12 (SM!): Layla

This was not a thrilling pick at all, but she might compete as one of the main heel divas to compete for the women's title. I'm just glad she split from William Regal because I didn't understand that relationship at all!

Pick 13 (RAW): Hornwaggle

I'm not too thrilled with this pick. I was getting tired of the Finlay and Hornswaggle team, but would rather see the little guy on SMACKDOWN! over RAW. He may produce good promos, and has been on RAW before. This is a toss up as to how it will play out.

Pick 14 (ECW): DH Smith

I actually think Smith will work out perfectly in ECW. He will fit as a good heel on the ECW brand. Putting Smith, Ryder and Bourne on the same show might be what the ECW brand needs.

I have yet to see Smith really dominate as much as I would like him to. He has a lot of potential, but ultimately he will determine how good he wants to be. This is a great opportunity for him, and I think WWE wanted to give it to him.

Pick 15 (SM!): John Morrison

I thought Morrison would go to RAW after the Miz was drafted. Then after giving him a "reality check", everyone could've guessed this one. This is where Morrison spent most of his time as a tag team, so we will see how he approaches Friday nights in the singles division.

He should fit in nicely with the top stars on SMACKDOWN! (Rey, Edge, Y2J, etc.) He will be a top contender for the title as soon as either Edge or CM Punk brings the Heavywieght championship to SMACKDOWN!

Pick 16 (RAW): Carlito

Ok, now the Primo pick makes more sense! I was wondering how WWE would unify the tag team titles at Wrestlemania, then split them up in the Supplemental Draft. Good pick to bring the Primos to the main stage, because they are really fun to watch.

Carlito is the experienced out of the two, so even if Primo has trouble performing on RAW (which I don't think he will), Carlito is a a very reliable partner.

Pick 17 (ECW): Natalya

My confidence in DH Smith just went way up! This pick was good for Natalya, DH Smith and ECW. This is the new generation of the Hart Foundation. Laugh if you want, but this moves makes me believe that the WWE has big plans for both of these talents.

Pick 18 (RAW):Festus

I wonder how he will manage by himself on RAW. A lot of his character is based off of his tag team role with Jesse. I don't see this making much sense unless Jesse is drafted by RAW later. If they wanted to move Festus I think ECW would've been more up his ally, but Jesse could be drafted, which might save this pick.

Pick 19 (SM!):JTG

I am very surprised that WWE decided to put JTG on SMACKDOWN! I did not believe they would keep Cryme Tyme together, but I am SOOOOO glad that they did! Give props to the WWE for keeping a fan favorite tag team together. That might have been the biggest relief of the draft (for me).

Pick 20 (SM!):Dolph Ziggler

I like this pick a lot. I got the chance to watch Ziggler in person. He performed very well and seems to be a perfect love-to-hate character. I could see a possible future feud with him and Ricky Ortiz.

He has a great attitude towards his character and great charisma. He works well with the other talents in the ring and on camera. I think SMACKDOWN! is a perfect fit for him to develop.

Pick 21 (RAW): The Brian Kendrick

I'm not to sure about this pick. Last time Kendrick was moved to RAW, he was immediately shipped right back to SMACKDOWN! If only the cruserwieght title was back, then SMACKDOWN! would be the perfect fit for this talent.

I would have rather him stayed on SMACKDOWN! because that is what fits his character the best. RAW will give him more exposure however, and possibly give him a more real feel for singles competition.

Pick 22 (SM!): Charlie Haas

Haas hasn't done anything to keep me interested in him. His prime was with "The World's greatest Tag Team" and I don't see him topping that (besides marrying Miss Jackie). He has become more of an annoyance than anything, and I don't see him producing on SMACKDOWN!

Pick 23 (ECW): Hurricane Helms

Another superstar who is past his prime, but only because the cruserwieght title is gone. He was a perfect fit for that division; it just seems like a waste of talent and experience because he really can't match up with a lot of the heavyweights.

ECW might give Hurricane Helms a fresh start, but that is the only thing I see from this pick.

Pick 24 (RAW): Brie Bella

Nothing too surprising or exciting here. The Bella Twins move to Monday nights. These two could be a huge factor on RAW, but again, the WWE has to be careful with them. They could produce together, but not alone. Good pick for the Twin's sake.


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