Don Frye: "Mir and Couture Threw Fights Against A—hole Brock Lesnar"

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The only things certain in life are death, taxes and outrageous Don Frye interviews.

While attending the 2013 Arnold Classic, the living MMA legend managed to make headlines once again at the expense of former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar.

"The guy's a waste of flesh, I've never met such an asshole in my life," Frye told Casey Oxendine of MMA: Inside the Cage.

"I can't even formulate the words because he just pisses me off so bad. They wasted all that time bumping him up, and they hand fed him, you know, I think that Randy Couture and Frank Mir threw the god***m fight. I know Randy is a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever thought about being, and Frank Mir could've been the greatest fighter of all time if he didn't get in that motorcycle accident. There's no way either one of those guys could've lost to Lesnar."

Frye met Lesnar through Brad Rheingans, a former friend and professional wrestling mentor.

The trio got together a couple of times for dinner and drinks. After getting an opportunity to know Lesnar, Frye admits to finding the WWE superstar to be a complete "asshole."

Many have attributed Lesnar's nasty attitude and brute-like persona as him being the "baddest man on the planet," but to Frye, he's just bad.

"He's a cousin of a guy who used to be a friend of mine, Brad Rheingans. Brad Rheingans got me into pro-wrestling over in Japan, so they're like second cousins or something like that. I've had a couple of dinners with Lesnar, had a couple of drinks with him, and I found him to be a complete asshole."

Lesnar isn't the first person to suffer verbal jabs from Frye in the media.

The former MMA star has also gone after Dan Henderson and UFC President Dana White. According to Frye, Dan Henderson is also an "asshole," and White "cheats" fighters out of money.

While Henderson hasn't offered a formal response, White has already exchanged words with Frye on Twitter. He basically sees Frye as a bitter, old fighter wallowing in jealousy over the lucrative paydays earned by current UFC fighters.

Could this be the main reason why Frye harbors so much animosity towards Lesnar?

At age 47, Frye is still talking about competing in MMA, and Lesnar's retirement plan was fortified in four years. Even though Frye had four times as many fights, Lesnar still walked away from the sport with the deeper pockets.

That kind of realization would crush anyone.

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