Kevin Curtis, or the Fraudulant Starting Receiver

James SenbetaCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

Yes, it is the 4th-down play most Eagle fans remember as the no-call pass interference. But look closely at the ball within Kevin Curtis' arms and say Curtis could not have come up with the catch.

Those plays are what separate great receivers from average-to-good wideouts. Sure Kevin Curtis can catch a football, he can do it well or else he would not be on an NFL roster as a wide receiver. What is to question is if he can come up with the big reception at the most critical time for the team.


Example One: The NFC Championship Game at Arizona

It's fourth down with 10 yards to go and the Eagles need a first to keep themselves in contention for a Super Bowl berth. Once the ball is snapped Arizona blitzed seven quickly in the backfield, yet Donovan McNabb has enough composure to find a target in Curtis right past the first down marker.

As soon as McNabb releases the ball Roderick Hood trips up Curtis, leaving him in a kneeling position as the ball comes his way. It just seemed at that moment that Kevin's hand could not grasp the ball regardless of his falling position, and immediately demands for a flag.

Curtis produced the statline of 122 yards from four receptions, some of highlight status. But could he come up with the most necessary of all catches that afternoon?


Example Two: Kevin Curtis' 2007 season

Curtis provided 77 receptions for 1,110 yards and six touchdowns for the Eagles in 2007. What was deceptive with those numbers was the lack of consistency with Curtis' production.

Of the 16 regular season games only five saw Curtis rack up more than 75 yards. Three of those games were against the worst pass defenses in the league that year (Detroit: 221 yds, 3 tds; Minnesota: 76 yds; New Orleans: 78 yds, td).

In addition to those teams Seattle (111 yds, td) was the 19th rated defense, and the New York Jets (121 yds, td) allowed a 75 yard catch to Curtis.

Playing division opponents Curtis averaged 24 yards per game against the Redskins, 23.5 yards per game against the Giants, and 45.5 yards per game against the Cowboys.

Is Kevin Curtis a true starting receiver?