This Ain't No Make Believe: Morrison Needs a Push in WWE

KumarCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2017

Out of all the events that occurred last night, the biggest and arguably least expected event was the Miz turning on John Morrison. Why unexpected?

To be honest, most of B/R that I talked to was just expecting either Morrison to get drafted, not Miz, or the team to get one more Title run and then for Miz to turn on Morrison later this year. I don’t think many expected them to split up now. I know I didn’t.

Now the events turn to the better for the both of them. Miz, based on the interview he did last night, resembles an arrogant, very sarcastic (as usual) yet formidable heel. We haven’t seen Morrison yet, but he could be dropped off and just put into a match tonight, or we could see Morrison turn face.

If Morrison gets dropped off, it would be just typical of WWE. As this will probably happen, I see Morrison’s future as bleak. His push will resume next year, not anytime soon.

WWE now will probably use the rest of the year to push MVP over with the fans, as he is part of the future WWE. He would stay a heel, but would wait for the push he needs. Or he could slowly get pushed as a heel, and then turn face. I feel that the face give a push to only certain wrestlers, but not all.

For example, WWE tried to push Edge as a face a very long time ago, when he was still developing, and it miserably failed.

But, on the other end, the face push works wonders for some. A Great One comes to mind, and so does John Cena. The Rock, though, had the in-ring skill to take things to the next level. Cena, on the other hand, is like a Pokémon; he can only learn four moves (thanks, AkD).

But, like people have compared Morrison to HBK…I’m comparing him to the Rock. Oh, it’s true.

Think about it…

Rock has a great moveset. Morrison doesn’t differ.

Rock cuts the best promos of all time. Morrison can cut promos very well in the dark age of wrestling, and I’m just curious to see what he brings as a face.

Rock was very respectful backstage and had good friends like Stone Cold and Kurt Angle. Morrison is well respected as a hard worker and is friends with Randy Orton.

I’m just thinking that maybe, in this Dark Age of Wrestling, Morrison could have the mic power (not close to the Rock’s) to take WWE out of it, and give them the edge that they need to stay alive.

I’ve been a huge John Morrison fan ever since I saw him at an autograph signing. He’s a super nice guy, and really, I’ve never heard any controversy surround him backstage. His wrestling skill speaks for itself.

The kicks are out of this world, while he sells moves as good as anyone in the WWE when he’s up to it. As a face, he’d get more exposure, and his moveset would be widely occupied. A few signature moves we’ve seen used to push him...

-Springboard Roundhouse Kick. My favorite was his one on Evan Bourne last year on ECW.

-180-degree Spun Flare into a Leg Drop

-Multiple Variations of Corkscrew Moonsaults

-Overhead Capoeira Kick

-STO Backbreaker

-Moonlight Drive


Morrison has proved his moveset. Along with Miz for the last two years, he proved his promo skills by amusing us and mocking the WWE Universe at the same time. We weren’t his fans, no, no. We were his “nerds.”

I mean, c’mon, that’s a great name for us, right? A short, yet good example of why he’s still the A-Lister around here.

I think that Morrison represents the future of WWE. He’s been compared sooo many times to HBK, and well, he’s very like him. The guy’s only 29, has one of the best physiques in WWE history (Triple H beats him), and can talk. What’s there to lose in pushing him?

Morrison would have been an arsenal on Raw. He could have had a feud with HBK over “The Next Shawn Michaels”; similar to what Chris Jericho had a couple years ago, pre-WrestleMania.

Or, as a face, we could have him feud over with Legacy, similar to what Shelton Benjamin did four years ago to Evolution. Could all these things happen with John Morrison? Yes.

But, no, Miz’ll get the push first. It shows you what WWE does on their average day: Make horrible decisions.