What Do WWE and Pokémon Have in Common?

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 21, 2009

My head is just full of so many thoughts I could possibly write forever. By now some of you guys should know I'm not fond of John Cena. It is probably not his fault though; some people are just forced down your throats.

I was playing a pokémon game of mine just the other day (I don't know why). Anyway, I had a pikachu, and it knew four moves: Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Quick Attack, and Iron Tail. I wanted to teach it Slam. I couldn't because four moves is the max that they can hold.

Relax, guys: I'm not going to start talking about pokémon; just how some wrestlers are like one.

Let's start with John Cena. I'm 100 percent on this B/R every match he is involved in he does four moves. I'm so certain that they go in the order of shoulder block, shoulder block, scoop back slam, five knuckle shuffle, and the F-U. That order is always correct in a tag match when Cena gets tagged in.

However, like a pokémon Cena can learn new moves. I was so blown away by this comparison that I nicknamed my pikachu Cena.

If the match goes longer than expected due to a kick out from the F-U or just a pretty long match, then Cena can learn new moves. This goes comes in the form of the leg drop he does from the top rope and the occasional Stfu. Who knew a non-submission wrestler could make guys tap out like that!?

Don't worry, Cena isn't the only who had these pokémon-like wrestling styles. Look at Hogan, CM Punk, Batista, and there are others, believe me.

Would it hurt to perform better in the ring? It's bad enough we have to sit through some of the worst promos that couldn't convince even the most gullible people in the world. Mix it up some, won't ya? I know wrestling can be predictable at times, it's unavoidable...but move after move? That is just too much.

I found the article picture easily, and it looks like other people are looking for pokémon too! I better hurry up then! Next time you guys watch Raw or Smackdown, try to see how many pokémon you guys can point out.