The Mozgov Factor: NBA Players We Love to See Get Dunked On

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The Mozgov Factor: NBA Players We Love to See Get Dunked On
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

In Yiddish, a schlemiel is a waiter at a restaurant who spills soup. A schlemazel is the guy he spills it on.

The following are the NBA's biggest schlemazels. They have had the misfortune of falling victim to some of the league's most vicious dunks and dunkers...some of them time and again.

And when it happens, they don't got game. No.

These guys got lame.

The hapless bumbling you're about to witness carries on the great tradition of posterization, a term coined in the '80s to describe the incredible sight of players dunking on huge lumbering defenders. Mark Eaton was the prototypical posterization victim, but guys like Greg Ostertag, Shawn Bradley and my hometown poster child, Chuck Nevitt, made posterizing a game within the game.

Whence came the name 'posterized?' Simple: The defender—the guy who's being posterized—is allowing a dunk spectacular enough to be on a poster.

Anyway, instead of focusing as you usually would on the authoritative, stadium-shaking slams themselves, or on the guys who flush it down, keep your eyes this time on the dunks' victims. Watch with delight as they get transformed from NBA players into pathetic doofuses, with a front-row seat to their own humiliation.

And enjoy how badly they stunk on the dunk.

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