The "Draftermath" of the WWE Draft

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IApril 14, 2009

Talk about a mind-boggling draft.

Last night was great in my opinion.

I think things are definitely about to get shaken up in the WWE.

RAW gets two of the biggest draft picks of the night, four titles are transferred to different shows, and a highflyer returns to his old stomping grounds.

Here's my take on the WWE draft picks:



I called this draft pick, and it feels good to know that the first draft pick I called was Mr. 305—but to be honest I've been calling it since 2007. Primetime finally makes it to the flagship show—and oddly enough, he was wearing his red and black singlet last night.

The longest-reigning United States Champion in WWE history didn't come alone to RAW because the two-time United Champion has brought the U.S. Title as well. I'm sure he's going to has a slew of challengers waiting for him—perhaps starting with The Miz?

Triple H

It feels good to know that the King of Kings has returned to his kingdom, he'll also be able to get his hands on The Viper Randy Orton. MVP and Triple H were just two of my four predictions that happened to fall through.

There are a lot of hungry wrestlers that are going to be gunning for Triple H's WWE Championship and I'm sure The Game welcomes all challengers, but for right now Orton is the only one on The Cerebral Assassin radar.

Big Show

To quote John Morrison and The Miz, "Really?!". I think Show should have stayed on SmackDown—where he belongs.

I guess they're going to play this Vickie Guerrero/BigShow storyline out, huh? Yeah, that's something I was really looking forward to...

Matt Hardy

Now this is a draft pick I can agree with. Although everyone may want to see Matt and Jeff tear each other to shreds a little longer, I think it's time for Matthew Moore Hardy to become a top contender for the WWE Championship.

I think he's proven that he can be a World Champion when he held the ECW Championship (I'm still biased on its World Title Status).

The Miz

The Miz is on RAW? Throughout the night I was predicting Morrison to go to SmackDown, but this was a surprise. I sure as hell wasn't expecting Miz to give Morrison a Reality Check either. If worked the right way, this could be a good feud.


MVP, Miz, Matt, and now Maryse. What's with all these m's? It's times like this I wish the Michelle McCool was Divas Champion again.

Well, let's get ready for the untalented skills of Maryse. Three moves and a hair flip? Yeah, Maryse really deserves to be on RAW. I'd rather see Ricky Ortiz on RAW. Hell, Ortiz would make a better Divas champion than her—or better yet Santino Marella!


Rey Mysterio

Very satisfied with this pick(my third draft prediction), I never really got used to Rey being on RAW—it just didn't look right. I like him better on SmackDown and the Intercontinental Championship just sweetens the deal.

Let's just hope we don't have to go through another Rey Mysterio/Edge feud anytime soon.


I like that the Women's Championship is on SmackDown.Especially now that Gail Kim is back, plus Michelle McCool and Natalya can hold a title that has meaning and nothing that gimmick Divas Title. 

CM Punk

The undeserving two-time Money in the Bank winner, has come to SmackDown(the show he should have been drafted to last year) let's hope Mr.Kennedy challenges Punk for the briefcase and wins. However, I do believe Punk and Edge could have some great matches.

Chris Jericho

Noooo! This blew me away because I wasn't expecting Chris to go to SmackDown and I don't want him to go either I like him on RAW. RAW is no longer Jericho. Either way, hope fully we get to see a Jericho/Edge feud.


Vladimir Kozlov

Should be interesting seeing Swagger take on Kozlov. Finlay loves to fight, well now he'll have someone to play with.

I know not many people are going to agree with me on this, but I can't wait to see Kozlov take on Mark Henry. I see a face turn for Henry if these two behemoths lock horns.


John Cena didn't get drafted to SmackDown—my only prediction that didn't happen. Well there's always the Supplemental Draft.


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