The Good and Bad of Monday Night RAW and the WWE Draft

Jack MortonCorrespondent IApril 14, 2009


Josh Matthews nose bleed

Sorry, Josh—had to put it in.  I couldn't stop laughing. I like the way you turned your head to the left to hide the blood. Good stuff.


John Cena Vs Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger really held his own against Cena and had him on the back foot for most of the match. There was some good near falls were I stupidly believed Cena was actually going to lose at one stage.

It has made me want to see more of Swagger. Cena's look after the match said it all, and showed that Swagger could become a major player in the WWE in the future.


Matt Hardy crazy heel gimmick

When he come out after being drafted (good move for Hardy) he came out with a crazed look in his eyes. I like his new look—but is it me, or is he turning into Edge?


CM Punk to Smackdown

I think Punk will become a a serious competitor for the major titles. I can see him cashing in on either Cena or Edge's title after their match at Backlash and bring the World Heavyweight Championship back to Smackdown.


Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Solid bout between these two. Miz showed he can become a upper midcarder with a good singles performance against Kofi.  I wouldn't mind seeing a feud between the two of these over the U.S Championship in the near future.

The Miz also had the momentum after hitting his finishing move on Morrison out of nowhere after Morrison cost The Miz the match. It was great while the Dirt sheet lasted—but good things always have to end at some point.


Jericho to Smackdown

At this point, Smackdown was low on main-event calibre until Edge won the Battle Royal and brought Jericho to Smackdown. I'm looking forward to a Jericho v Undertaker or Jericho vs. Punk programs starting. They even teased a possible team of Jericho and Edge. Now that would be interesting.


Christian vs. Benjamin

Was a good match while it lasted, and is another program I wouldn't mind watching in the considerable future.


Koslov to ECW

I don't really watch ECW so getting him off my screens is good thing in my books. He needs some work on his in-ring skills—and where better to go than ECW.


CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy

Nice match between these two, but was not the reason I thought it was good. I think their is a possibility of a Punk vs. Jeff match, as he cost him the match. Would be an interesting feud—and maybe a Punk heel change after cashing in on Cena.


Mysterio to Smackdown

Was an obvious pick after MVP had taken the U.S title to RAW. Mysterio was stuck with the midcards—but on Smackdown, he will be back where he belongs.


The amount of Wrestling

Can't complain about the amount of action we have received tonight.


Batista, Shane, and HHH promo

I don't see what they are arguing about, as they are going to get their hands on Orton at Backlash. If HHH was that bothered, why didn't he just batter Orton at Wrestlemania—which in fact he did.


Mysterio squashing Bourne

I know there isn't that much time in the draft to have long matches, but why put these together just for Bourne to get squashed? These two are capable of having a main-event match, but was treated just as any other.



I'm Worried that MVP may do a Mysterio and get held back in the RAW mid card. I was starting to get into a program between MVP and Benjamin, and it has been cruelly snatched away from me.


Kendrick vs. Kane

Not only did they have him beaten in under a minute but they made him look like chickens**t by running away until getting caught. I don't like seeing young wrestlers being beaten so quickly.


Big Show to RAW

There is only one massive problem with this: A reunion between Big Show and Vickie Guererro.


Women Division

Do not ask me why, but I just don't care for the women division at the moment. I think if they had their own show, feuds would be so much better.  They would get more mic time as well as more in-ring time to get feuds started.

Did anyone care when Melina and Maryse swapped? Because there was zero reaction. Mind you, the crowd were quiet for most of the night.


The announcement of HHH to RAW

I haven't got a problem with HHH moving to RAW—but I would be more excited about it if he had not been on RAW for the past two months.


Santino Marella being announced to be on Khali Kiss cam next week

Not only does it make Khali look really gay by fancying Santina, but it is also something I really don't want to see.


John Morrison still on ECW

I would much prefer Morrison on RAW than The Miz and have the Miz pushed on ECW. Morrison has so much more about him, and needs to be on RAW so he can feud with Shawn Michaels. Unless he is moved in the supplemental draft, then they have missed out on pushing Morrison to the top.


Battle Royal

It is a good way to get more wrestlers some ring work, but it bothers me when there is so much going on in the ring. it was like the Diva Battle Royal all over again. Good to see Edge win.


HHH, Shane McMahon, and Batista vs. Priceless:

I feel they didn't give Priceless any credibility of holding their own in the WWE Championship match going into Backlash. The match itself was not too bad, but obviously HHH was getting the pin so Orton and HHH could fix the terrible performance at Wrestlemania.


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