Ranking the Worst Chins in the UFC Today

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Ranking the Worst Chins in the UFC Today
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In the wake of a brutal knockout, it is easy to find yourself caught in a wave of cheers and excitement as you celebrate the victor's achievement. 

Knockouts are awesome, and one cannot blame a fan for cheering a fundamental aspect of the sport. 

That said, it takes two to tango, and a knockout is not solely the result of one person's ability to deliver a strike. 

It is also the product of the recipient's ability to absorb that strike, and some fighters are much better at this than others. 

While one's "chin" can be improved by strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles that support his or her noggin (and by growing an epic beard, apparently), history has shown that some dudes have the ability to roll with punches, and some do not. 

To honor those select few who drop to a knee (or a face) at the slightest touch, start the slideshow and check out the five worst chins in the UFC today.


Criteria: Fighters are selected based on the percentage of fights they have lost via knockout and how often they are "rocked" during action. To make the list, I considered both elements, so even if a fighter fought through adversity and came back to win at some point in his career, he is still eligible. No free passes here.

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