Watch GM Daryl Morey Own Jeremy Lin at Table Tennis

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 6, 2013

Jeremy Lin shouldn't quit his day (and night) job, but perhaps Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey should.

Back in February, Lin held a fundraiser in Houston for the JLIN Foundation. Morey attended and proceeded to annihilate the Rockets point guard in a spirited game of table tennis (h/t Eric Freeman of Yahoo! Sports, and

Known for his front office savvy and not his athleticism, Morey could be seen covering the width of the table with the sharpest of lateral movements. He might even be able to show Lin a thing or two about defense with those swift feet of his.

Where Lin remained rather stationary and composed, Morey was playing every point like it was his last.

His serve in particular was exquisite. Slicing it, he generated what appeared to be some nice spin and put Lin in a position where he wasn't always able to make good on his return.

As for his volleying, he was overaggressive at times. When successful, his angles were killer.

And how about that fist-pump of his?

Following a vibrant winner, Morey turned his back and treated us to a slight, yet meaningful, air-jab. 

Keep an eye on how he paces back and forth in between points. His nerves and anxiety were at an Olympics-style high. It was awesome.

Upon conclusion, Morey emerged victorious, proving Linsanity doesn't extend from the hardwood to the confines of masonite-constructed ping-pong table.