The WWE Midcard: Who Deserves a Push? Part 2

Jack MortonCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Shelton Benjamin looks on from the corner during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Welcome to part 2 of who i think merits a push in the WWE.
If you didn't read part 1 then here it is:

Look out for parts 3 and 4 that will be coming soon.

I'll get straight to it.

Shelton Benjamin

Ain't know stopping me now!
Accept the WWE creative team.

It is beyond me on how Shelton has gone so long without moving up to the upper card. Time and time again he has proved he can mix it up with the big boys. He is one of the best in ring wrestlers that is gracing the WWE at the moment. So what if he is not great on the mic. Neither is Batista. It is not as if they have give Shelton anytime on the mic to improve his skills anyway.

Remember when he beat HHH 3 times. This is when i thought he was going to get his well deserved push back in 2004

However that was not to be and ended up beating Jericho for the intercontinental championship at Taboo Tuesday to stay at Mid card status. on his reign on RAW he won the Intercontinental Championship twice.

I believe he should of won this years money in the bank. He has revolutionized this match at times with some crazy stunts. Personally I think he should win next year so he gets his push or even better, at Wrestlemania 26 The Gold Standard ends The Undertakers Wrestlemania streak. A win like that would be the biggest possible push in the industry.

You may ask why should Shelton Benjamin end the streak. Well if you see the matches these pulled off earlier in the year, i feel they could pull of a hell of a show at the biggest night of the year. Even if he didn't win, a match against The Undertaker is a push in itself, and that's what i felt was going to be when they feuded earlier on this year.

Instead all he got was the loss of his U.S Championship and is back at square one.

The real question is where does Shelton go form here. it all depends what happens tonight in the draft but for now i would like to see a yearly long feud with the likes of MVP and Kofi Kingston which will propel him to main event status.


What has happened to the Kane that use to strike fear through everybody in the WWE. How has he turned from the Big Red Machine to local jobber in a matter of a few years.

I think it started to go downhill as soon as he lost to HHH and had to remove his mask. The sad story is since his mask has come off the only major title he has won is the ECW championship. And lets be honest, I'm being generous calling that a major title.

At the age of 42 he doesn't have to long left, so i feel one last major title run is deserved for an athlete who is a fans favourite throughout the WWE.

Even for his age he still hasn't lost it and is still capable of being a creditable main-eventer.

A move to Smackdown is in order as i think the competition for a main event spot at RAW will be a harder task. I believe if he is to be remembered as the superstar he really is, he needs at least one last title to go out on. Would also like him in one last major feud with his brother. I feel that is where we see the best of Kane, and one thing i have missed is the best of Kane.

Kofi Kingston

After his impressive performance in his first ever appearance at Wrestlemania, i expected big things from young Kofi.

I wasn't for sure, expecting a squash match against the Big Show.
Every time it looks like this man is going to get a push it gets snatched away from him.

The fact they chose him to get kicked out of the Elimination chamber, show how little they think of him. That was his big chance to shine and showed they were mistaken to get rid of him when he was so good in that MITB match.

That is why it infuriates me so much. Surely Kofi should of been given a title shot as hsi other shot was cruelly taken away from him. If they had given him a chance in the chamber, he would of probably already got a push after an incredible performance.

Every time i see him i feel he is getting better. You know when he is in the ring your going to see something you have never seen before. I even liked him on the mic.nee

They need to stop wasting his talent and he needs to be given some credible matches over credible opponents, rather than being squashed in under 3 minutes.

Im for one hoping for a bright future for Kofi and hope he adds to his one intercontinental reign. Probably he should of stayed in ECW and got a title run there to prove himself. However that is in the past and this is now. For me he has to be given the chance before it to late. To many matches like the one against the Big Show it will be.