The WWE Midcard: Who Deserves a Push? part 1

Jack MortonCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  MVP during the WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Hi, I'm Jack Morton, and this is my first article here on Bleacher Report after joining as a member last night.

So please give me a chance. I welcome some constructive criticism from all you great writers here.

Right, so here we go.

This article is all about who I think should be given a good prodding toward the right direction.

Giving them a chance to shine at the top instead of holding them in the rut of the midcard.

You may or may not agree with my options, but we're not all the same.

I'm going to do this in four parts so my articles don't just drag along.


The Brian Kendrick

What can't you like about TBK?

You can say he dances like your dad, drunk at a wedding, but you can't deny he is a good wrestler.

His look is good. The coats he strolls out in our top notch, but there is a question mark about his little ponytail he has.

His in-ring skills are mediocre at times as all he seems to do is kick. His finisher is something different as well. I feel before he gets any kind of push he needs to get some more meat on him. He is one of the skinniest wrestlers I have seen in a while.

He's already shown he can carry a belt for a sufficient time, even though it was a tag-team title.

He can also claim to being a former WWE champion. He was the longest interim champion in the first Smackdown WWE championship scramble.

My verdict is that until he puts more muscle on he won't be anyway near the top, but I feel he does have the ring ability.

His work with Zeke is fun to watch, but I feel he will be staying where he is for a while.

I would like to see him either challenge MVP for the US Championship or be drafted to ECW.


CM Punk

This man is already half way there. After winning MITB ladder match for the second time, he could be quickly approaching his second world-title reign.

His first reign was a nightmare, their is no doubt about that, but this time it is time to let Punk off his leash.

You could tell from his early days in wrestling that he was going to become a star in of the future of the WWE. He has already accomplished so much in his three-year tenure.

Punk's fanbase is massive. There is no stadium that you can go to without seeing the infamous Pepsi sign being held in the air.

His kicks are fantastic to watch and I'm going all out there in saying that the GTS is one of the best finishers in the WWE. You know when that is hit, no one is getting up.

The question, though, is not when he will get his push, but who will he get it against. I feel with that briefcase he will use it at backlash and cash it in on Cena after a gruelling last-man standing match.

Then he can leave his mid-card status behind him and mix it with the big boys.



He's coming!

MVP has always been one of my favorite characters in the WWE.

He is good on the mic and good in the ring, so what more do you want?

I personally prefer him as a heel, and don't see why he needed to change to a face. It seems if you want to carry a belt these days you have to be.

However much I don't like his face change, it has worked as the crowd seems to react well to him.

I think the only way he would get a push to the big time is as a heel. His cockiness he use to have can't be used as a face. He is the self-proclaimed "half-man, half-amazing," and is the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history.

His look is something different from usual and I like it.

MVP's in-ring ability is no worse than any of the current main event wrestlers.

His accomplishment since joining the WWE has been no short of brilliant...if you take away his 20-match losing streak. He is the third-longest reigning US champion in WWE history.

He has also held the tag-team championship with Matt Hardy which turned out to be an eventful feud.

He is once again the US champion after beating Shelton Benjamin on the 500th episode of Smackdown. This will be a major feud of the company. The two have pulled off some brilliant matches. I can see this championship being shared by these two over the next year until they both finally get their push.

I'm expecting big things from MVP. Let's hope he is 'ballin in' for years to come for the bigger titles.


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