Phoenix Suns Are Seeing the Benefits of the Marcus Morris Trade

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer IMarch 5, 2013

Marcus and Markieff Morris have provided a spark to the Suns.
Marcus and Markieff Morris have provided a spark to the Suns.Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it is a coincidence, but the Phoenix Suns have been a much better team since Marcus Morris was acquired from the Houston Rockets.

The 22-year-old Morris was traded to the Suns for a second-round draft pick, a sharp fall for a player who was the 14th pick of the first-round in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Morris was actually taken one pick after his twin brother, Markieff, who is still on Phoenix's roster as well. Both brothers played at the University of Kansas.

The Suns did exactly what they needed to do at the deadline, picking up an extremely young and valuable Morris while doing nothing to hurt the franchise in the short-term or the long-term.

It was exactly the type of move that current Suns' general manager Lance Blanks should have been making. Low risk, tremendous reward.

The other positive impact from this trade has been the transformation of Markieff into playing more meaningful minutes for the Suns.

During this stretch Marcus and Markieff have been playing late into games, where Marcus has shown a good shooting touch and Markieff has been more of a presence under the basket.

The younger players on the Suns' roster have been rotated into more important minutes for the team, something that was needed after the deadline passed.

While going 3-2 over a five game stretch may not seem like a reason to celebrate for most franchises, for the Suns it seems like the team has finally started to turn the corner after struggling most of the season.


Looking back on the NBA's trading deadline, the Suns' players were likely distracted in the weeks leading up to the deadline. 

Many players on the current roster were mentioned in trade rumors leading up to the deadline, and it may have caused Phoenix to hit rock bottom, losing to the Boston Celtics the day after the trade deadline by 25 points.

Now that the Suns are playing out the string, it will give management an opportunity to see how well the team finishes, if any of the younger players can provide something for the future and it will help determine the fate of interim head coach Lindsey Hunter.

It may cost Phoenix a few lottery balls, but now that the Suns are finally starting to see some development from their younger players, it is worth the risk.

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