Bret Hart Bashes TNA, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan

Jack WindhamAnalyst IMarch 3, 2013

Bret Hart
Bret HartGallo Images/Getty Images

During a recent shoot interview, Bret Hart took the opportunity to criticize TNA, which he referred to as "the bush league," and several people from his past.

When asked by the interviewer for his feelings on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, without hesitation, he stated that he has no faith in either one of them. He doesn't feel that either guy is capable of bringing anything positive to a company, specifically citing that Hogan has absolutely nothing to teach a guy like Samoa Joe.

Hart also stated that the only thing that Hogan knew how to do was the signature taunt where he cupped his hands to his ears and the famous leg drop finisher.

Without really going into details about what the two guys do for the company, Hart stated that TNA is being set back by those individuals. He feels that Dixie Carter is wasting her company money on guys that simply cannot help.

Hart then asked the interviewer if Vince Russo was still with TNA. When informed that the departure has already happened, the former WWE Heavyweight Champion discredited the former lead writer as simply being a magazine writer and said that his removal was a "modest improvement" for the company.

To further criticize the company, Hart bashed TNA for bringing in "WWE rejects," mirroring a claim that the internet wrestling community has stated for several years now.

There were some compliments that were thrown out during the shoot interview, though. Hart praised AJ Styles, whom he feels is wasting his career by not making the jump to WWE, and he also praised the TNA Knockouts division from a couple of years back.

The shoot interview follows in the trend of Hart bashing people within the industry. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion recently made headlines when he bashed Triple H, both as a performer and as an executive.


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