Why Jose Mourinho Will Stay in Madrid for Another Season

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2013

Why Jose Mourinho Will Stay in Madrid for Another Season

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    There is no denying that Jose Mourinho, the self-proclaimed “Special One," is one of the greatest managers and tacticians in the world. But with constant rumors of his leaving Real Madrid, there are a few reasons to believe that he will stick around.

    The Daily Mail has claimed that Mourinho is destined for PSG. The Independent broke news that Chelsea was confident that he would return to Stamford Bridge.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has even claimed that he doesn’t know if Mourinho will stay or not (via The Sun).

    Despite all of the rumors, fans should absolutely expect the “Special One” to remain at Real Madrid for at least one more season. Continue reading to find out why.

Current Form and Locker Room Issues Finally over

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    Real Madrid began this season in a very disturbing way. The reigning La Liga champions were struggling and all the blame was centered on Jose Mourinho. But, after a huge win at the Camp Nou, the struggles may now be a thing of the past.

    Most of those thinking that Mourinho will leave base their opinions on the poor early-season form of Real Madrid. However, the “Special One” now has Los Blancos firing on all cylinders.

    Though Madrid still do not look their best in domestic play, that should not take away from their overall performance. La Liga is a lost cause and now the very last priority on Mourinho’s list.

    With Real Madrid looking more like the club of last season, Mourinho can now make them even better in European play.

    Form no longer seems to be an issue outside of La Liga. But some may still ask questions about the locker room situation.

    We have been hearing all season about conflicts behind closed doors, but this has been denied by players such as Karim Benzema (via SkySports). Even Xabi Alonso has come out and heaped praise on his manager to silence the rumor mill.

    After Raphael Varane scored Madrid’s third goal against Barcelona to seal the match, the players and Mourinho shared an embrace on the sideline.

    This was not just a celebration. The hugging and jubilation showed that not only is Real Madrid back, but they are united. With such a strong squad moving forward, Mourinho is bound to stick around.

He Has the Chance to Permanently Topple Barcelona

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    Everyone knows that Jose Mourinho came to Real Madrid to take on Barcelona. After three seasons living under the Blaugrana umbrella, the Portuguese tactician is ready to dethrone the Catalans.

    If Tuesday’s Copa del Rey victory at the Camp Nou was any indication of the rivalry, Mourinho has finally figured out Barcelona. But with the Catalans having almost already won La Liga, the “Special One” could stay one more season just to finish off his job of taking down Barcelona.

    Mourinho has built the perfect squad for lining up against Barcelona. He has assembled a fast and deadly attack, hard-working midfielders and a defense that refuses to back down.

    The days of Barcelona’s reign over Spain may now be over, and fans everywhere should expect Mourinho to stick around just to finish off the job he started just a few years ago.

Unlimited Resources at Real Madrid

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    There are very few clubs, if any, that would give Mourinho a better financial situation than he currently finds himself with at Real Madrid. And with an already dominant squad, Mourinho is likely to remain in Madrid just to put the finishing touches on his squad.

    Real Madrid boast a rich history of being able to bring in almost anyone that they want. With this at his disposal, Mourinho could make some big purchases this summer that see Los Blancos really take off.

    Mourinho is known for building a squad around his own philosophy. Just imagine what the tactician could do with another year at the capital-based club.

    His plan has not yet been accomplished at Real Madrid, but with all the resources in the world at his disposal, we should all expect the finished product next season.

Mourinho Has Finally Won over the Fans

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    After being on very thin ice with Madridistas, the “Special One” has now bridged the gap to being unanimously accepted. With the fans' backing, the sky is the limit for Mourinho.

    At a club like Real Madrid it is absolutely necessary to have the backing of the fans. Once, many were calling for Mourinho to leave; the feeling is now that he should stay.

    It is not just the recent success against Barcelona and the chance for two major trophies this season that have won over the masses. Mourinho has slowly begun to work in youth players, which has made fans very happy.

    Without fans calling for Mourinho to leave, he really has no reason to pack up.

    Jose Mourinho is loved and is very successful. If the club and fans have anything to do with it, he will absolutely be on the touch line next season.

    When Jose Mourinho enters the Santiago Bernabeu, the fans know exactly what they are getting. This is one of the stronger reasons why Mourinho isn’t going anywhere.

Unfinished Business

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    The ultimate goal of Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid is winning the 10th Champions League trophy in club history. Until this is accomplished, the Portuguese tactician is going nowhere.

    Every club that Mourinho has ever managed has seen success. The “Special One” is a winner and that is all there is to it. He has always wanted to be in control and will only leave Madrid when he can do so his own way.

    Even though La Decima is priority No. 1, there are other goals as well. If Mourinho is able to continue to strengthen his squad, a treble could be in the picture for next season.

    With such a great opportunity to go out and win every competition next season, Mourinho will certainly relish the chance. Though he has won trophies in his short time at Real Madrid, he has not won enough.

    Jose Mourinho wants to walk out on top. This season will not be his last in Madrid because of the chances that lay ahead next season. The great manager wants his time to shine and it is almost here.

    His work isn’t done at Madrid and he won’t consider leaving until he has accomplished everything he has planned on doing.

Nowhere Else to Go but Down

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    Of all the clubs that Jose Mourinho could leave to join, there are none that present him with an already dominant squad and the chance to make that squad perfect.

    Real Madrid is arguably the best side in the world right now and Mourinho will want to take advantage of that. He has a terrific team, strong financial backing and is sitting in a position to win big trophies this year and next year.

    Anywhere that the “Special One” could go would be a step down from his current club. Mourinho has always been about moving forward and that option is just not there at the present moment.

    To put it simply, Jose Mourinho is in the perfect position to not only win and topple Barcelona next season, but to make his claim to being one of the best in history.

    There is no way that Jose Mourinho will be leaving after this season purely because staying in Madrid is his best, and only, real option.


    Do you think Mourinho will remain in Madrid? If not, where do you think he will end up? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments below.


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