Shamarko Thomas Face Plants After Blazing Fast 40-Yard Dash Time

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2013

Shamarko Thomas had himself an impressive 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, but he just didn't stick the landing. 

By the end of his first attempt, the Syracuse safety had a face full of turf. If you ever wanted to see what a successful run with a horrible tumble at the end looked like, savor this 40-yard slapstick comedy skit. 

Yahoo! Sports has more details for us in what was an otherwise successful day for the young safety hoping to make his mark at the next level. 

The initial trip down the line at Lucas Oil Stadium garnered a time of 4.38 seconds, a number that will undoubtedly let scouts excuse the rather unfortunate finish. 

A far more reserved Thomas then posted a time that should still have him in the good graces of potential NFL teams, because his "official time of 4.42 was the fastest of all safeties."

As Yahoo! Sports mentions, Thomas may have been running more upright in the latter runs, which makes sense. I like to think the only thing racing through his mind during subsequent attempts was don't fall, just don't fall

For perspective, consider last year's tumble by Vick Ballard, who failed to even get to the end of the run before taking out an automatic timer:


The running back would go on to post an "unimpressive 4.63" time, according to Yahoo! Sports. However, Ballard went on to run 814 yards and nab two rushing touchdowns in his rookie season for the Indianapolis Colts. 

So go easy on holding any significance on Thomas getting a face full of Lucas Oil on Tuesday afternoon. Nonetheless, I have to think the young man will not live this moment down anytime soon.