Queens Park Rangers: 3 Players Who Don't Deserve a Place in the QPR Starting XI

A WriterContributor IIIFebruary 26, 2013

Queens Park Rangers: 3 Players Who Don't Deserve a Place in the QPR Starting XI

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    Some may argue this could be titled "25 players who don't deserve a place in QPR's starting XI" right now. However I am trying not to vilify the majority of the players, and giving the benefit of the doubt to some others.

    Some because they can be so magical when their head is in the game, and not daydreaming about scoring 30-yard screamers at Camp Nou; such as Adel Taarabt.

    Some because they work pretty hard even if their technical ability can be brought into question, such as Jamie Mackie.

    Some because they are obviously not fully fit, and can be spotted lolloping around the football pitch after players half their height and half their weight; such as Chris Samba.

    And some because they are probably going home after training wondering what exactly has become of their life; such as Julio Cesar.

    You could probably find fault with every single player on the QPR team at the moment. But not wanting to write 25 slides about each man's footballing indiscretions, here are the top three. Or bottom three, however you look at it.

Jose Bosingwa

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    Let's get the obvious one out the way first.

    My aversion towards Jose Bosingwa runs deep.

    Deeper than the fact he played for Chelsea. Deeper than the fact his eyebrow looks like a five-year-olds drawing of a slug. And deeper than the fact he managed to squeeze himself into the center of every single trophy celebration photo of Chelsea's Champions League victory, after being no more than a bit-part player for the latter half of the season (via Soccerbase).

    Seriously, try and find a photo without Jose smack bang in the middle.

    His performances before "bench-gate" were lackluster to say the least. But it seems a Portuguese cannot change his spots, as after being brought in from the wilderness the Manchester United game just highlighted everything that QPR fans knew already.

    His lazy attitude, poor back-tracking and unwillingness to make a tackle were all on show against the Red Devils. And it was as if nothing had changed.

    Jose Bosingwa doesn't deserve a place on any starting XI. And if you don't believe me, then believe Clint Hill:

    "I don’t look at someone like him and go 'wow’... If he can get that kind of money then all the best to him. I’m just more interested on what he does on the pitch... If you can’t sit on the bench then there has to be something wrong. You want people next to you who are fighting for the cause and if you can’t sit on the bench and support the lads then why are you here, what are you doing here? (via Daily Telegraph)."

Esteban Granero

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    The official word is that Esteban Granero was taken off at halftime due to an injury (via West London Sport).

    The unofficial word is he was taken off at halftime because he was rubbish.

    He tripped over the ball for goodness sake.

    Earlier on in the season, I lauded Granero and his performances. But it seems I was taken in by his Spanish name, past club and stylish facial hair. Currently it appears that Esteban cannot play football anymore. And when your occupation is to actually play football, that's not a good thing.

    He's played 223 minutes of Premier League football in 2013, give or take a few seconds. And in those 223 minutes, Granero has been dispossessed nine times (via WhoScored).

    His passing and tackling are not the issue: his pass success rate averages 82% this year, and he is the seventh-best tackler at QPR. However when watching the Spaniard on the field, it is clear to see he is still not used to the pace of the English game.

    His work ethic is below average, he is dispossessed regularly, and any momentum Rangers have going forward is ultimately thwarted as soon as it reaches El Pirate.

    Plus, he trips over the ball a lot.

Stephane Mbia

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    Stephane Mbia is good value on twitter, but recently has been poor on the pitch.

    It may be a little harsh to list QPR's self-appointed new press officer in the same vein as Bosingwa and Granero, but Mbia was woeful against United.

    There are only so many times you can say "ah, well that's just Stephane" with a patronising smile and shake of the head as he makes a tackle as though he is trying to stop Joe Flacco throwing a touchdown in the last minute of the Superbowl.

    And that time ran out in the last game.

    Conceding 30 fouls in 19 games (via WhoScored), his mistimed and reckless tackles have been increasing in recent weeks, earning him five yellow cards in just the last nine EPL matches (via Soccerbase).

    Mbia, although he seems like a lovely bloke, needs to calm down before he "does a Joey" and gets sent packing back to Marseille. Probably something he wouldn't be adverse to right now.

Honorable Mention: Tal Ben Haim

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    He hasn't played since that MK Dons debacle. But I just wanted to make sure that he didn't get a look in. Just in case 'Arry takes my opinions into account when selecting the team for Southampton.