What I Think the Seahawks Should Do?

Tim CuthbertContributor IApril 10, 2009

Well, many people are saying that the Seahawks are trying to trade their first-round draft pick, for Brady Quinn and the Browns first-round draft pick. Or trade or second-round pick, and get Braylon Edwards plus the Browns' first-round pick.

Well, I think that either of the trades would help us, but I think that we need to sign Ken Lucas and Shane Simmons from the free agents. Then re-sign Leroy Hill. Then they should draft either Michael Crabtree or Eugene Monroe.

They should get Michael Crabtree, because they need WR's. Yes, everyone is going to say that I'm not smart, because we have T.J.. But T.J. is too old.  He is about to be 32, and only has about two or three years left in the NFL until he retires.

He can do us good, but I don't think he will be as great of a WR as Michael Crabtree. Yes, there is always a good player that plays WR, but this WR is probably not a two-year-straight WR of the year, who made a college game winning TD against the No. 1 team in the nation at that point.

I think that they should get Eugene Monroe, because many people say that Seattle needs to establish a running game, since Shaun Alexander is gone. Well, the first thing you need to get to establish a running game is offenseive linemen.

Yes, people are probably thinking that you should get all the great RB's first, but it is harder to get good offensive linemen later in the draft, than a RB.

Kinda of like how Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round, and is now one of the best QB's to play the game. Also, there are RB's that were very good in college, and are projected to go 4-7 in the draft. Like Javon Ringer, Shonne Greene, LeSean McCoy, Donald Brown, and many other good RB that people don't know about that are talented.

Also this could help the Browns, because they could get a better pick than before.