Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn as Browns' Quarterback? How About...Neither

Doug TarnovichContributor IApril 10, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 23:  Quarterbacks Brady Quinn #10, Ken Dorsey #11 and Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns discuss strategy on the sideline during a 26-24 loss to the Oakland Raiders at McAfee Coliseum on September 23, 2007 in Oakand, California.  (Photo by Kevin Terrell/Getty Images)

This debate has gone on long enough. I am weary of the lists of pros and cons of each candidate.

I am bored with the scenario, so much so that I shall not pay it the respect with a recapitulation of the events that led the Cleveland Browns to the muck in which they have been wallowing the last two years.

If Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson are my options, then I shall offer no opinions on either.

Unfortunately for new Head Coach Eric Mangini and GM George Kokinis, they have to deal with a quarterback catastrophe so acute, that it drove away other prospects for the positions which they now hold.

Say what you want about them, but these men are brave enough to bear this burden upon their shoulders and take responsibility for making some big decisions.

On top of being bored and weary, the quarterback situation leaves me feeling dirty. It's a slimy residue left behind by the abominable decisions of former GM Phil Savage, one that feels like it needs to be scraped off with a flat, wooden stick.

The new regime reportedly is not impressed with either Quinn or Anderson and trade efforts have already been made earlier this offseason. I'm starting to believe come draft day, neither quarterback will remain in the brown and orange.

With the trading of Kellen Winslow and the release of Joe Jurevicius, Mangini and Kokinis have made it all too clear the Cleveland Browns are in rebuild mode. Recent reports say  the Browns are "smitten" with former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, and why not?

Why not lose the baggage, start with a clean slate, and acquire a new quarterback of their choosing?

Since neither Quinn or Anderson are open to the idea of being a backup, why not hunt for some more draft picks by trading both? Why not shed both of those bloated contracts?

The new picks would definitely help a team that has many holes to fill before opening day, and fans can step out of the haze of the Crennel/Savage era, get a breath of fresh air, and settle on getting behind a definite starter.