5 WWE Non-Wrestling Personalities That Should Be Placed in the Hall of Fame

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5 WWE Non-Wrestling Personalities That Should Be Placed in the Hall of Fame
The newest incarnation of WWE's Hall of Fame logo (Image Obtained From WWE.com)

Fans rightly focus on wrestlers when talking about WWE’s Hall of Fame, but there are several non-wrestling personalities who deserve an induction as well. 

These are men and women who get limited exposure compared to the performers inside the ring. In fact, they mostly suffer the fans’ outrage when the limelight is upon them, as it indicates that they have made a mistake. 

Yet their functions are key to the smooth running of the WWE and the enjoyment we all get from the product. 

Their worthiness as candidates cannot be judged by the amount of wins, losses or championship belts they earned during their careers. They have to be judged on the type of service they have provided the company—and by extension, the fans—over many years.

This list was composed with several rules in mind. The individuals included are all current employees of the WWE. Their primary role is of a non-wrestling nature, but rare storyline-driven matches do not preclude them from the list. Their contributions have placed them above their peers in the roles that they perform for WWE.

Also, managers were excluded from this list. This role holds a unique place between wrestler and non-wrestler, so it should be treated as a unique category. 

The five men and women included in this list should be thought of as some of the many unsung heroes of the WWE, as our enjoyment has depended on their services over the years.

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