Your Best 11 Mailbag: UNC to B1G, $300 Stipend Plus FSU Quarterback in 2013

Michael Felder@InTheBleachersNational CFB Lead WriterFebruary 21, 2013

CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 24:  Clint Trickett #9 of the Florida State Seminoles against the Clemson Tigers during their game at Memorial Stadium on September 24, 2011 in Clemson, South Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It is Thursday, folks! You've got your questions and I've got my answers, kind of. So, basically, let's do this...

I don't know. However, if I'm going to bank on the Tar Heels making a move, my money is on the Big Ten. Jim Delany and UNC have that sort of synergy that one can only build by being a Tar Heel himself, which Delany is. He knows how much the academic image means to UNC in the long run and that's a sell that he can make better than the SEC can. 

Whether you buy it, or not, the fact is UNC has a perception of itself as "better than" the schools in the SEC, and that's the edge the Big Ten can use to land them. UNC and UVA are like carbon copies of one another and thus, if they both end up in the Big Ten, growing them research dollars as Adam Jacobi points out, it wouldn't surprise me.

Them ending up in the SEC, now that would surprise me. 

Yes and yes! I like what South Carolina brings to the table this season, and with Georgia and Florida in varying stages of larger scale rebuilds on defense, the door is again open for the Gamecocks. At some point, they have to walk through it, ya know? That means not just getting to double-digit wins, but also getting to a BCS bowl. It's still early, but I think this is the year they can grab a Sugar Bowl bid.

As for the game, yeah, I plan on being there. It'll be hot, I'll be pouring sweat, but I'm looking forward to getting down there. Drinks will be had. Food will be eaten. Football will be watched. However, if any folks from south of the border try to slip me some mustard-sauced barbecue, we'll have a fight. Eastern NC style for life.

If you don't understand that last part, it's OK. Just means you're not from down here.

Honestly? No clue. I'm still not even sure what the rule actually means. It sounds like merely a stipend for commuting home and back to school, but I'm still not sure how they will actually implement it. If this is something where every player just gets their free $300 that could be the leak in the dike that leads to larger stipends, for sure. 

However, if this is more like an "auxiliary" or an "emergency" funding type thing where you only get it if you really need it for something, then that's not much of an open door to walk through. I'm hoping for the former, not the latter, personally.

Two for one, double whammy here. I have no idea who they are going to hire because it is so late in the game, spring ball is coming up and I'm still under the impression that Jimbo doesn't actually want to hire anyone. Which, I guess, sort of answers your second question.

As for the quarterback position, that's the best thing about spring ball, this question will answer itself. Clint Trickett enters with the most experience, but Jacob Coker can sling it and then there is Jameis Winston, the amazing athlete folks are looking forward to. Winston is playing baseball which means he won't get as many reps and Trickett and Coker, but he's had a season to sit and learn and we'll see just how much he's retained in his limited spring role.

I think Trickett probably does enough to hold the other guys off, but ultimately this could be a situation where, like at Stanford, you don't actually find your guy until Coker or Winston get thrust into the fire of a game and get to prove their worth.