TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: 2 Title Matches, Sting's Army, Lockdown and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IFebruary 21, 2013

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It’s Thursday again, and that means a new episode of TNA Wrestling’s Impact Wrestling!

This will be TNA’s final show in England before it returns to the United States, and TNA has quite a bit planned for this episode. This week, TNA has confirmed at least three matches, with two of them seeing titles on the line, updates in Sting’s Lethal Lockdown team and Hulk Hogan’s decision on Jeff Hardy’s Lockdown challenger.

Let’s see what TNA Wrestling as in store for the fans for its final episode in England!


Rockstar Spud vs. Robbie E

Two weeks ago on Impact Wrestling, Rockstar Spud made his debut in TNA Wrestling. The winner of TNA British Boot Camp, which also included Party Marty and the Blossom Twins, was interviewed by Jeremy Borash in front of the fans in the United Kingdom.

He would be interrupted by Robbie E and Rob Terry, and Robbie insulted Rockstar and the people of the United Kingdom. Robbie forgot that Terry was from the UK, though, so he ducked and gave Rockstar the opportunity to punch Robbie in the face. This week, Rockstar will make his in-ring debut for TNA as he goes one-on-one with Robbie.

Can Rockstar Spud win his first match inside of a TNA ring, or will Robbie E be able to avenge the punch he received? Where will Rob Terry stand? Will he back his partner or Rockstar?


Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King: TNA X-Division Championship

Rob Van Dam won the TNA X-Division Championship at Bound for Glory in October. He has since taken on all challengers, including Joey Ryan, Kenny King, Christian York and Zema Ion. His most recent challengers have been King, York and Ion.

Van Dam would take down King at the Final Resolution pay-per-view in December and would defeat York at Genesis in January. His victory at Genesis is tainted, though. York won the right to face RVD by defeating King, but after the match, King attacked him. While York did put up a fight, it was an easy match for the champion.

Ion would enter the mix after he and King defeated the team of Van Dam and York, and both Ion and King received a title shot two weeks ago. They failed in taking the title away from RVD, but this week, King will get one more chance to do so.

Can Kenny King finally take the X-Division Championship away from Rob Van Dam, or will fans see RVD keep the title?


Lethal Lockdown: Who Will Sting Choose for His Team?

Eight months ago, Aces and Eights made its TNA debuts when it attacked Sting after Slammiversary. It didn’t matter if you were a legend like Hulk Hogan and Sting, a TNA champion or a woman—Aces and Eights was aiming at taking everyone out and destroying TNA Wrestling.

The first member was unmasked as Devon at Bound for Glory last October, and since then, every member has been unmasked but two. The group even added Mr. Anderson and Taz to its ranks, but the two highest-ranking members, the vice president and the “higher power,” still remain a mystery.

Last week, Aces and Eights proposed an end to the war. That end will be taking place at Lockdown inside the PPV’s traditional match, Lethal Lockdown. With four wrestlers on each team, TNA and Aces and Eights look to end things once and for all.

With Sting leading Team TNA, who will he choose for his team? Many have had problems with the gang, so he’ll have plenty to choose from. Aces and Eights’ team seems to be led by Devon, so which three members will he choose?


Tara vs. Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher: TNA Knockouts Championship

At Bound for Glory, Tara defeated Miss Tessmacher for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Her win has given her a fifth reign with the title, which ties the record with Angelina Love.

Tara has since defeated the likes of ODB, Mickie James and Velvet Sky to keep her title. She has been a dominant champion, but the executive in charge of the Knockouts, Brooke Hogan, may have stacked the deck against Tara.

Last week, Gail Kim demanded a title shot after she, Tara and Jessie Godderz defeated Party Marty and the Blossom Twins of British Boot Camp. Brooke gave Gail her match but added to it much to the dismay of both her and Tara. Brooke soon added Velvet and Tessmacher to the contest, making it a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match for the title.

Can Tara defeat the odds and retain her Knockouts Championship? Will there be a new champion crowned this week? If so, will it be Velvet Sky, Gail Kim or Miss Tessmacher?


A No. 1 Contender: Who Will Hulk Hogan Choose as Jeff Hardy’s Next Opponent?

Last week on Impact Wrestling, general manager Hulk Hogan set up four matches with eight of TNA’s top talents. Featuring Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Magnus, James Storm, Rob Van Dam, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, Hogan was looking for the most impressive wrestler to face Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Lockdown.

The matches saw Magnus and Storm come out on top, while the other two matches ended in a no-contest. What qualities Hogan was looking for were only known to him, but whatever they were, he had one more wrestler to think about.

His daughter and wife of Bully Ray, Brooke, tried to convince her father to consider Bully for the match despite not wrestling that night and having an injury to his leg.

Hogan saved his decision for the end of the night, but Aces and Eights surrounded the ring and prevented him from making the announcement. Bully Ray would make the save, and the gang backed off as a result. This week, will Hogan make his decision on who will face Jeff Hardy at Lockdown?

Who will get the title match? Will it be one of the eight wrestlers who competed last week, or will Hogan choose his son-in-law?

With this being the final episode of Impact Wrestling to take place in England, this could be quite the show. Will it be? Tune in to find out!


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